Squidoo Lens Locked – I Got Caught in the Squidoo Filter!

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Just the other day, I posted about Squidoo No-No’s – things that are against Squidoos terms of service that can cause your lens to be locked….or at least tossed into the SquidDon’t Filter. I always minded Squidoo’s TOS so it never, ever crossed my mind that it could happen to me.

Lately, I have been making a point to go into at least 5 of my lenses and ‘freshen’ them. I know that lack of love and attention can cause a lens to slip, but due to my time constraints, I haven’t been able to get in to my Squidoo dashboard as much as I would like. Now, I am making a point to freshen a few lenses the first thing I do each day, and freshen lenses the LAST thing I do each day.

It’s been paying off. Simple keyword analysis with some basic title changes and content edits can go a long way with lensrank AND search engine rank.

So, anyway.

This morning, I go into to freshen up a lens I haven’t touched in way too long – my Earthquake Preparedness Kits lens. I made my changes – added a module or two – and hit “publish”.

Look what I saw next!

Squidoo UhOh message

Holy Smokes! “Uh Oh” is right!!! What’s wrong??

I certainly know what the no-no lenses are – heck, I JUST posted about it!

–Pharmaceutical reviews and sales
–Online gambling sites
–Underage or violent sexual content
–Dealing with credit card debt

Does that Earthquake lens deal with ANY of those topics?? Even in some remote manner? Freaked me out! So, naturally, I go back into the lens in question and scan it intently. I re-read every single word and I still can’t find anything that would remotely suggest anything to do with ANY of those no-no topics.

Apparently, the lens is not actually locked or else I would suppose no one would be able to see it at all. However, it did fall into a filter or something because Squidoo will not let me publish any changes, or republish it withOUT any changes.

Now What?

Well I know quite well what the steps are to take in this situation. They can be found on a lens created by Megan Casey called SquidDon’t. If you feel your lens has fallen into this filter by accident, take these steps:

First, review your lens and see if you can figure out what the problem might be. I’m sure there’s plenty else about your Vegas vacation worth recommending, not just the casinos.

Second, if it gets caught in the spam filter, feel free to ask us to hand review your lens. We’d love to give you the benefit of the doubt!

Third, please bear with us! It’s hard to draw the line on good topics vs. spambait topics, and we’d just rather not leave loopholes for spammers to slip through.

Ok – got it. I did go back and really scrutinize my lens… I just don’t see any issues. So it looks like I have two choices now. I could just delete the lens and go about my life on Squidoo, but I can’t do that. I know this lens is not a ‘problem’ lens… I can’t see how teaching others earthquake survival tips can be a bad thing in any way, shape, or form.

I spend a LOT of time teaching others how to create better Squidoo lenses. I encourage others to play by the rules and to support the Squidoo community. I am careful about the content I add to the site. I have over 80 lenses and I am one of the 100 most successful lensmasters within Squidoo. I’ve had a Top 100 lens… heck, I even have a lens (1 of only 7 lenses) featured on a Squidoo home page. My goodness, I was even awarded Giant Squid status by the Squidoo site!

Yes, I could just delete that lens and move on – that would be the ‘easy’ way, right? But I’m not. I’m going to ask for a hand review and have faith in the community I love…and yes, I am risking my entire account on this action.

Stay tuned – we’ll see if ol’ PotPieGirl gets dumped from Squidoo…. or if the system really works.

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