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NEW: PotPieGirl’s PinTest Playbook

BRAND NEW: A rare opportunity to take an insiders look at PotPieGirl’s in-depth Pinterest testing and her new super-effective Pinterest Strategy – this is information she only shares with her team!

PotPieGirls PinTest Playbook for those SERIOUS about their Pinterest Traffic


NEW P.I.Q. Pinterest Strategy

This new little easy-peasy Pinterest strategy is becoming a game-changer for so many Pinterest marketers – such amazing results!

If you struggle with getting your pin description keywords just right so you get maximum exposure and traffic, this is THE guide for you!

PotPieGirl's PIQ Strategy for MUCH better Pinterest results


NEW What Works NOW 2019

Every year I release my yearly What Works NOW guide that shares all the little tips, tricks and hacks that really made my blogging year better, easier and more profitable. Today, I am proud to present…

What Works NOW 2019 - new tips and tricks for blogging success


Learn the EASY Way To Do Keyword Research

If you’re sick and tired of never ranking well in Google, you will LOVE my quick and easy ‘Google Pleaser’ method for helping you finally pick keywords you can rank for.

How To Write Blog Posts that RANK in Google - New Google Pleaser Guide from PotPieGirl


Learn How To SEO Your Blog Posts

If you’re ready to learn how to easily “SEO” your blog posts to get more Google traffic, I recommend my 10 Step SEO Strategy:

10 Step SEO Strategy from PotPieGirl


Learn How To FIX Your Pinterest Results

Pinterest is changing SO quickly – if you’re ready to adjust your Pinterest Strategy so it works NOW after all the Pinterest Updates, I recommend my Pin Signals strategy:

Pin Signals Pinterest Marketing Tips from PotPieGirl


Learn How To Track Your Blog Posts for Better Results

It’s really hard to know what’s working – and what’s NOT working – if you don’t know how to TRACK your blog posts properly. If you’re ready to up your game and improve your results, I recommend my 1644 Tracking strategy:


Learn How To Earn MORE From Your Blog Posts

Every blog post of yours can earn MORE – if you’re ready to amplify the money your blog posts earn, I recommend my Niche Post Conversion Strategies:

Blog Tips for Affiliate Marketing - Niche Post Conversion Strategies from PotPieGirl


Learn What Works NOW for Bloggers

note: the 2019 What Works NOW guide is here

The Blogging Industry changes a mile a minute – if you’re ready to learn the “little things” that are working REALLY well for me NOW, I recommend my What Works Now Guide:


Learn How To START Blogging for Money

Not sure how this whole “blogging for money” thing works?

Read this blog post to learn how to start blogging for money.


The Tools PotPieGirl Uses

Listed below are the tools and resources I use EVERY DAY for my blogging results.


How To Be a PotPieGirl Affiliate

If you’re interested in promoting training from PotPieGirl, my affiliate information page is here.



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