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How To Beat the Clickbank Competitors – Sell Clickbank Products Easy

by PotPieGirl on September 20, 2007 · 1 comment

I want to blow Clickbank away with the biggest check they’ve ever sent to someone who does NOT pay for advertising or have their own product listed in the Clickbank marketplace. I don’t know if I can beat the Clickbank competitors that are also using all free platforms to make money online – but by golly, I can sure try!

I’ll tell ya, you can sell Clickbank products easy IF you find a good product (or products). However, I sure know the other side of that – how hard it can be when you end up choosing a product that just won’t convert. The only way to know is to test each product you choose from the Clickbank marketplace, right? Well, thats what I thought.

It was back in February that someone said “Clickbank” to me. I had no clue what in the h-e-double toothpicks they were talking about, either! At first, the whole clickbank thing was a bit over-whelming for me being how new I was to this whole internet marketing thing. However, once I caught on and started working on Squidoo, it sure didn’t take me long to learn about the Clickbank free affiliate program and how it all works. I was in AWE of all the products available thru their marketplace! Visions of big money danced in my head as the realization that I could sell ALL of those products hit me. Visions of grandeur!

In May, I started adding my hoplinks to Clickbank products to my Squidoo lenses. While I made some sales here and there, it was still July before I actually got a check from Clickbank. There are certain requirements that must be met before a Clickbank affiliate can get their first check (has to be over $100, have to have at least 5 sales to different people and payments must include one Visa and one Mastercard in the payment methods, etc). I’ve been receiving checks every two weeks since =)

Actually, I am at the point that I am ready to learn how to really let loose and blow clickbank away. I’ve been looking at this program – CB Affiliate Formula. Read it, you’ll see why I am tempted. Thing is, you will also notice the spots are going fast – REALLY fast. Goodness, Andrew just opened this up early this week!

I’ve read this Clickbank Affiliate Guide and it was excellent – it also cost less than $7, so it was hardly a risk! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality AND quantity of that ebook. I totally recommend it.

But – this CB Affiliate Formula is a different ballgame. Wanna know something funny? I want to know EVERYTHING he offers – I want to literally watch over this mans shoulder and see everything he does to make a Clickbank profit – BUT…. BUT… I don’t want to pay for it. :::sigh::::

So, I need to make up my mind….and I’d LOVE some feedback from you!


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Truthheap February 16, 2009 at 4:19 am

I’d say your are well on your way! Just remember to duplicate what you’ve already managed to do! I think you have the formula already you just have to keep repeating yourself! You really don’t “need” anything else you’ve already had success. Now just get after it!

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