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In my previous post, I talked about my indecision and confusion as to where to take my internet marketing business next. I feel it’s time to move towards being a “real business” as opposed to making some extra cash online.

First off, THANK YOU to all that sent me emails of advice and support. I knew I wasn’t the only one who is, or has been, in my shoes.

Secondly, I wanted to share with y’all a wonderful F-R-E-E ebook I came across online that really helped me get my head around where I want my online business to go. The book is appropriately titled, “Building a Virtual Corporation” and it was quite good. There were some parts that I scanned over…things I already knew…. but there were also quite a few things I plain hadn’t thought of.

Highly recommended for anyone who is at the same place in their online business as I am, or is looking towards the future of their business. It’s a wonderful “virtual” business plan, a quick read even though it’s 100+ pages, and it’s a good baseline for figuring out your direction. It’s a good online business “compass”.

There are also quite a few other free ebooks from this source that you might be interested in.

A Big thanks to Rev at Haulin’ Cash. I think I gave my email address for access to this section, but forgive me… I can’t quite remember. You can get “Building a Virtual Corporation” and the other free gifts here. In case that doesn’t work, go to the Haulin Cash link and look down the right side bar for the link for “free stuff”.


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