Do You Struggle Finding the RIGHT Keywords for Your Blog Posts?

Can’t Seem To Get ANYTHING To Rank in Google?

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Google Pleaser

Are you ready to finally learn how to quickly and easily pick the RIGHT keywords for massive success in Google?

How To Write Blog Posts that RANK in Google - New Google Pleaser Guide from PotPieGirl


get Google Pleaser from PotPieGirl

Have you ever felt like there’s a secret to ranking well in Google?

Something no one is telling YOU?

Guess what?

You’re right!

And that “someone” who wasn’t telling you is…


Yes, ME!

As I was quickly creating new blog posts today, it hit me that what I was doing are simple little steps I do for ALL my new blog posts…

And I’ve never told YOU how I do it!

This is not YOUR fault – this is MY fault!

I use a handful of FREE tools (that we all have available to us) to find “Google Pleaser Keywords” that start my posts off the RIGHT way.

And it’s about time I shared this with YOU!

Google Pleaser Review _ Keyword Research Tips from PotPieGirl


The Secret Is… Snowballs!



Each of my Google Pleaser Posts use keywords that please Google.

If we please Google, then Google is more likely to please US, right?

Every one of my Google Pleaser Posts starts off as a small snowball….


How to pick keywords that rank in Google


Then, since those posts please Google, they gain momentum and grow huge “auto-magically”.


How to rank for lots of keywords in Google


What’s The “Secret”?

The “secret” is knowing how to find “Google Pleaser” keywords AND being able to go against the grain of what “everyone else” tells you to do.

With just a few minutes and some free-to-use tools, you can easily find powerful “Google Pleaser” keywords for your new blog posts.

Google is ranking web pages a bit differently than they used to.

Now Google uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) as part of their ranking algorithm – and I’m going to tell you HOW that fits in with my Google Pleaser method.

The “trick” to ranking well out of the gate AND ranking well long-term is to know what keywords will please Google and virtually FORCE Google to rank YOUR post at the top.


It’s Not ‘Rocket Science’…

It’s Simply Something No One Ever Told You


Can *I* show you how I do it?

Give me one hour and I will totally change your perception on keyword research and YOU will be cranking out “Google Pleaser” posts and enjoying all that organic traffic that comes with them.


Here’s What You’re Getting

You’re getting access to my Personal Google Pleaser technique.

You’ll be able to watch over my shoulder as I show you, step-by-step how it’s done…

Google Please Keyword System from PotPieGirl

PLUS – you’ll get the Google Pleaser Companion Guide AND an easy-to-use Google Pleaser Checklist to plan YOUR Google Pleaser Posts.

You do NOT have to buy any tools – My Google Pleaser method uses ALL “free-to-use” resources that anyone can access.


Are YOU ready to start ranking like a Pro?

Click right here and let’s do this!

Let’s Review What You’re Getting…

• Step-By-Step “Over the Shoulder” Google Pleaser Training Video
• The Google Pleaser Companion Guide
• A Google Pleaser Checklist for YOUR Blog Posts
• AND You’ll Be Able To SEE My Google Pleaser Blog Post

All of that for only $97.00 $67.00

Today only $47



– Are There Any Upsells, OTOS or Any Additional Purchase?

Nope, not at this time.


– What Happens After I Purchase Google Pleaser?

Once your purchase is complete, you will get immediate access to all the Google Pleaser training.

NOTE: Your Access Information for the Google Pleaser Walk-Thru Video is IN Your Companion Guide 

– What If I Have Questions?

Feel free to use the live chat on any page on my site, go through my Help Desk at, or email me: support(at)

Ready To Get Started?


What’s Inside Google Pleaser?

Inside Google Pleaser, you will get:

– A Complete Video Walk-Thru of the Google Pleaser Method

– Your Google Pleaser Companion Guide PDF

– Your Google Pleaser Checklist

– AND you’ll be able to see MY completed Google Pleaser post


How To Write Blog Posts that RANK in Google - New Google Pleaser Guide from PotPieGirl


get Google Pleaser from PotPieGirl





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