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Today is Thanksgiving. A national holiday, but also a personal one in the this house as we take a few moments and actual voice to each other what we are thankful for. I hope that is not an uncommon tradition in homes across America today. We all have plenty to be thankful for, don’t we?

Personally, I am thankful for my husband, our children, our friends and family… our health…and all the many things we take for granted day to day that we are so blessed with. Another thing I am especially thankful for this holiday season is this opportunity to earn money for my family thru this silly computer.

Me. Making money online.


Funny how life goes, isn’t it?

I became an official company the other day. A Company name, business plan, LLC….the whole she-bang. What a feeling!

I am no longer “just” a person making some money online… I am a business. I am no longer “just” a contractor… I am a company. It is very exciting for me.

Ok, enough about me. I imagine that those reading this are wondering what the title of this entry has to do with being thankful at Thanksgiving, so let’s get to it.

Part of my new business plan is to expand my niche sites. I’d like to go a step beyond my current niche system. Fact is, free sites are great for exposure. Free sites are also an excellent way to get started making money online when you have a very limited business budget.

Fact of the matter is, using other free sites also runs risks. These sites (such as Squidoo) are not MY sites… I have been granted the permission to use them. At any given moment… they could be gone – taking all my work with it.

A pretty scary thought.

So, my plan is to purchase domains and get a hosting account and actually create my OWN domains. As I’ve researched good tools to help me accomplish what I’m planning to do, I became over-whelmed by a some-what common theme.

I’ve been looking for a site generator of sorts (among a few other things) that will help me speed up the process of creating my web sites. While researching different options, I noticed that quite a few of these programs seem to be designed ONLY to get ads on the internet. So many programs that offer Made-for-AdSense type generators and RSS feed sites that are only RSS feeds – and ads.

Would it be easy to crank out tons of income producing sites? Yes, perhaps so… that is IF traffic gets there and IF people trust a site like that enough to buy something…..

But what happened to actually contributing quality to the internet?

When someone goes to internet marketing as a business, is it their only option to mass-contribute even more crap to the internet? Pardon my “french”, but Lordy, isn’t there enough junk on the internet already?

Will my focus of making money online change me? Will I become one of those people that offers viewers even more ads to be bombarded with…and nothing in return… nothing of value?

Has making money online changed YOU? Has your intention on the internet changed now that it is your “office”? Do you now create web sites just for a place to put ads? Or do you make web sites with quality information that you monetize?

Do you think there is a difference in either mentality?

Is every online presence designed to make money?

As a consumer, I can honesty say that when I am searching for some sort of information online and all I can find are these ready-made ad sites, I get so annoyed. As an internet marketer, I can tell you with definite certainty that *I* will not be someone who contributes more trash to that dumpster.

I truly believe that this mass-create-junk-site option has led to the belief that making money online is a “get rich quick” plan.

What happened to integrity? What happened to quality? Would these people be proud of these sites or would they turn out to be another self-proclaimed guru who has “quietly been earning millions online” that I seem to find on many salespages. Oddly, these salespages also don’t show an example of the work they do, either. To protect their niche, right? haha.

The good news is, I have found some excellent products to help my expand my business. Really really excellent tools.

I want quality and unique content… I will have to write it myself, thats a financial fact right now. So, I found an outstanding tool that REALLY helps me speed up that process. This tool was created by a real-life “guru” in my book, someone who works hard to provide quality…and can’t help but make money along the way. I just obtained this tool the other day, so I will do a complete review after I feel all the power of it 😉

I also wanted a program, a site-generator of sorts, that will help speed up the process of getting my content online. I’m really not so good with the website making thing…lol Yes, I will be monetizing the sites, too, in case you’re wondering.

So far, I’ve found one or two programs I am interested in, but still haven’t found “the one”. Any suggestions?

Well, it is time for this endless post to actually end.

As you continue your online business ventures, always keep in mind what YOU want to contribute to the internet….what you want to contribute to the WORLD. Fact is, your content online IS a contribution to THE WORLD.

Are you proud of your contribution? Are you proud of your business?

Or has making money online changed you?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Embrace your family, friends, and loved ones and take a moment to let THEM know how thankful you are that they are in your life.

To my readers, whether it is one today or a million and one… thank you!

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