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I’m always on the look out for cool ways to make money with blogs. Today I signed up for Blogvertise and I am really excited to get started with their program.

Blogvertise pays bloggers to review websites and post their review on their blog. Simple, right? I think so. I also like the idea of being shown new things on the internet and being able to talk about them.

I like to talk =)

Here’s how blogvertise works :

You are assigned tasks that you can accept or deny. These tasks involve going to a website, taking a look around, and writing a review about that site on your blog. Each task may have more specific instructions, but that is the over-all “gist” of the blogvertise system.

Review posts for blogvertise need to have at least 75 words and must include at least 3 links back to the reviewed site. Before you even ask –

No, you cannot simply copy/paste content from the site to be reviewed (shame on you for even asking that! haha!). Your review needs to be unique and honest. Blogvertise wants genuine feedback.

Cool part is – blogvertise pays you for these reviews! You can make $4 – $20 per review – nice extra money each month, huh? Advertisers can also request your blog if they like what they see. Notice the new link in my side bar that says “Advertise on my blog”? Yup, thats for blogvertise!

New blogs can have a more difficult time getting approved to participate in blogvertise. If your blog is less than 90 days old (like mine), they will do a review and see if your blog has been cached by Google. My blog has – and I try to keep it quite active around here with good content – so maybe they will approve me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have a blog? Looking for a cool, new way to monetize your blog?

Check out Blogvertise.

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