Squidoo and AC – You Ruined My Day!

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Please excuse this post, but… it’s my blog and I can vent (and whine) if I want to.


So, I AM.

What is going on today? First, I wake up to find that Associated Content had eaten half of my page view bonus. My bonus pending that has been staring at me was just a few cents shy of $40. This morning, I find that only $20 was sent to be paid to me.

After hundreds of posts by other Associated Content Producers, AC finally says, “Oooops, our bad… we miscalculated your pending bonuses..sorry! We are still in beta after all….”

Let me tell you, there are a LOT of very unhappy content producers today at Associated Content. Myself included.

It’s not about $20 – that won’t kill me. It’s about that little thing in business called integrity and communication.


And then we have Squidoo. Oh, how I have loved my time on Squidoo. I have told everyone I know, friends, their sisters, brothers, and mothers….even their cats to get on Squidoo.

In August, I made somewhere about $60-$62 bucks. Nice!

Then, we had the “Squidoo Slap”…and the September payment came out at about $30-$34. Fine, the site had issues, they got all straightened out… I do not run at the first sign of trouble.

So… today was payday on Squidoo. Now, I have more lenses than I had the past 2 payments, keep that in mind.

Guess how much my payment on Squidoo is for?


About 1/5 less (with MORE lenses) than just 2 months ago! What’s up with that?

Pardon me while I go pitch me a good ol’ fashioned, three-year-old like FIT!

Then, I will resume this blog in my normal, positive, and extremely upbeat manner.

maybe lol!

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