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A Deal SO Good From PotPieGirl That
It Feels Like Stealing!

What I want to share with you today is very simple – but oh SO valuable!

7 AMAZING Strategy Guides from PotPieGirl from such a low price you'll think you're stealing! Perfect for affiliate bloggers and / or those making money bloggingI have 7 PotPieGirl Original Strategy Guides that have never been launched to the public.

These guides were created specifically for a small & exclusive membership group that is now closed to new members.

These are short, to-the-point training guides where I share some of my most effective techniques.

These are the kinds of pdf e-books that you can quickly read and then implement RIGHT AWAY.

Let’s be honest – ain’t nobody got time for 300+ page ebooks full of complicated steps, right?

We want to learn things that WORK right NOW!

If I were to sell these ebooks individually, I would NOT even consider selling them for less than $15 each.

Not to sound vain, but I KNOW my training is unique and my techniques are not going to be something you’ve already learned somewhere else (to the very best of my knowledge).

HOW do I know this?

Because from my Day One working online over 10+ years ago, I refused to be an “Echo”…

Meaning, I refuse to put out training that simply regurgitates information that is already found everywhere else.

If you bought each of these training guides individually for $15 each, it would cost you $105 for all 7 guides.

But today, you will get ALL SEVEN PotPieGirl Original Training Guides for….


Yep, that’s it.

$105 Worth of PotPieGirl Original Training Guides for Only $27 Today.

That comes out to $3.86 a guide…

and THAT is one heck of a DEAL.

In fact, it’s more like a STEAL!

But just fair warning:

I am NOT going to let you “steal” this deal for long.

Just click the Download Now button below to pay and start reading your ebooks immediately!

Here’s What You’re Getting Inside Your Bundle:

Guide #1 – Angled Posts for Affiliate Bloggers

In this PotPieGirl guide, you will learn a unique way to promote Halloween products as an affiliate blogger.

Think all the good Halloween keywords are gone? Think again!

In this PotPieGirl Guide, I’ll show you a unique way to “angle” your Halloween affiliate promotions.

Hint: this works for ALL types of affiliate posts, too!

Guide #2 – Cool WordPress Tricks

Wordpress allows bloggers to do some very cool things with their posts that many bloggers aren’t even aware of.

This guide will share these nifty WordPress tricks with you.

Guide #3 – Let’s Compare!

A VERY effective blog post strategy for affiliate bloggers.

I use this technique all the time – and it works GREAT for generating affiliate sales.

Guide #4 – Pyramid Content for Affiliate Bloggers

It’s possible you’ve heard of the term “pyramid content”? If not, I’ll explain it.

This is my unique way of using the pyramid content technique as an affiliate blogger. This technique makes writing affiliate posts SO easy.

Guide #5 – The Keyword Myth

This guide is some “tough love” about your keyword research methods and explains why not ALL “easy-to-rank-for” keywords are truly easy.

I personally think this Keyword Myth Guide should be required reading for ALL bloggers who want to rank in Google for their targeted keywords.

Guide #6 – Watch and Profit

This is one of my favorite PotPieGirl Original training guides.

In this exclusive guide, you will learn about a free site I use to uncover AMAZING products to promote…. AND these are products that people ARE buying online.

Guide #7 – 10 Tips for More Holiday Sales

If you’ve been an Amazon affiliate for over a year, you already know that Holiday sales the last quarter of the year are PHENOMENAL.

In this PotPieGirl Original training guide I will share 10 quick ideas to make even MORE Holiday sales from your blog this year.

All 7 Guides are yours TODAY for only $27

That’s $105 worth of PotPieGirl Training Guides!

7 AMAZING Strategy Guides from PotPieGirl from such a low price you'll think you're stealing!


Q – Are There Any “Upsells” or Additional Offers?

A – Yes, just ONE “Add On” offer that you will see as soon as you click the download now button to pay.

This is a TRUE “ONE CHANCE” offer to get access to FIVE never-released-publicly exclusive PotPieGirl Training Videos.

If you like my ebooks, you’ll LOVE my “over the shoulder” training videos!

Here’s the personal techniques I share in the optional Add On Video Bundle:

– PotPieGirl’s FAST Blog Post Strategy (video duration – 13:01)

– PotPieGirl’s Page View MAXIMIZER (video duration – 20:25)

– TOC Plugin Tips & Tricks Most Bloggers Don’t Know About (video duration – 27:09)

– How I Rank ONE Post For Multiple Keywords (video duration – 10:42)

– PotPieGirl’s Fast & Easy Backlinks Strategy (video duration 14:24)

You will be presented with ONE CHANCE to add the 5 Exclusive Videos Bundle for an additional $15.

After that one chance, the Video Bundle will cost $47.

And if you know me at all, you KNOW I am totally serious about the ONE CHANCE thing – I don’t mess around =)

Q – What’s The Refund Policy?

A – First off, you’re getting SEVEN Strategy Guides for only $27… if a refund is already on your mind, then please skip this offer.

Secondly, you can’t “return” a pdf, right?

That said, if you absolutely MUST have a refund because you think NOTHING in any of my 7 guides offered you ANY value at all, get in touch with me.

If you’re not sure if you’ll like my strategies, there is an option to download a FREE PotPieGirl Strategy Guide down at the bottom of this page.

Q – How Much Can I Make From Following These Guides?

A – I have no idea, how much CAN you make? < grin >

Seriously tho – these guides in no way guarantee any earnings at all. These are STRATEGY Guides – you get out of them what YOU put into them.

I love sharing what works for ME – my heartfelt hope is that you DO the things I share and they work for you too!

Q – WHY Are You Discounting these Ebooks?

A – I have 2 quick answers for this question.

1 – I only offered these exclusive Strategy Guides to a small membership group that is now closed to new members so these really helpful guides were just sitting on my hard drive not helping anyone – so I figure, “Why not offer one heck of a deal so lots of bloggers can benefit from the info?”

2 – I’ve been wanting to test out this new payment platform that I really like using as a customer – why not try it out with an AWESOME deal for my readers?

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