Article Marketing – Why You’re Not Making Sales from your Articles

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So many article marketing efforts are wasted and just plain useless. It’s a sad story, but unfortunately, it’s all too common. There is one imperative characteristic that all successful article marketers have in common – proper keyword density.

Yes, it is as simple as that. Those that succeed with article marketing know that if they don’t properly optimize their content for the search engines, they are wasting their time. What is the point of spending all that effort on writing content that the search engines won’t even find?

If readers can’t find your articles, you don’t make sales. Period.

For the readers that are unfamiliar with article marketing, let me refer you to the Bum Marketing Method ebook. This course is completely free and will take you article marketing from Step one to Sales. There is no way I could explain it any better – and no reason for me to try and “re-invent the wheel”.

Keyword density is a tricky little business. If your keyword density is too low, Google ignores you. If your keyword density is too high – Google hates you. Naturally, if your density is just right – Google loves you.

I gave up a long time ago trying to guess my keyword density, or using web-based keyword density analyzers. If I was going to take the time to write web content for the search engines, I wanted it right. Being that I am a time-saver (perhaps we can call it “lazy”? haha), I invested in a very, very low-cost article analyzer.

Article Analyzer is a user-friendly (and computer friendly) piece of software that opens a simple window on my desktop. I type my articles in there as if it was my word processor. Thing is, this is a so much better than a word processor.

With the one window, I can:

  • Check my keyword density in one simple click
  • Check my spelling
  • Get my word count
  • Find out how many times a word or phrase appears in my content – with density percentages
  • Save my content in wither .txt or HTML format
  • “Quick Spot” my keywords with a highlighting feature
  • Article Analyzer has become an invaluable tool to me. It certainly helped me earn more for my purchased articles on Associated Content and my “Bum Marketing” efforts have drastically improved. I highly recommend this little piece of software for anyone who writes for Associated Content. Keyword density is key to higher offers and can make the difference between a well-paid and accepted article – and a declined article.

    So, there you have it. My “secret weapon” for my article marketing efforts.

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