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In the grocery store today, I walked down the bread aisle. I simply needed a loaf of bread. One loaf – white bread – in slices…How many different ways can a loaf of bread be presented?

Apparently, lots and LOTS of ways. I suddenly had this feeling of being over-whelmed with too many options. All I wanted was a loaf of white bread.

I admit that I am a part of a very spoiled generation. I am part of the generation that has had jingles such as “Have it your way” and “Special orders don’t upset us” as our motto.

Driving home I thought about all the marvelous choices we have in our lifetimes. Then it hit me – how many people choose to do nothing when faced with the abundance of options if life?

Ironically, I was reviewing a report by Willie Crawford tonight – How to make $1000 to $2000 in 24 hours – and he has a quote in there that summed up what I was thinking.

…I did not want to give you too many options because generally when a person is given too many choices that leads to making no choice.

Oh, Willie – you are so right! Of course he is – he has “only” been in the internet marketing business for 11+ years ( I feel he might know what he’s talking about).

When you come down the “bread aisle” of internet marketing, it is SO easy to get over-whelmed with all the amazing choices you have to use your computer to earn money. Gurus and the “latest and greatest” ideas come at you left and right – everyone has the best way (and oddly, it is their way) – Unbelievable “secrets” are marketed AT you in big, bold, RED letters…


Do this –

Pick one idea – any idea – and focus completely on that one option for one week.

Yes, only one week. You can do that!

Start a blog, write a report, make a lens on Squidoo, begin a GPT referral campaign…. just start.

I guarantee that whatever you choose to DO will be the right choice!

The only wrong choice would be to choose to do nothing.

If you always do what you’ve always done –
You’ll always get what you’ve always got!

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