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So, fellow bloggers, just how far will you go to create traffic and exposure for your blog? Do you care if your viewers are human? or just that you have traffic to your blog…period. Your blog is already available to anyone with an internet connection, right? Where else could you possibly expose your blog for more traffic?


How about transmitting your blog into outer space?

That’s right, you can have your blog transmitted into outer space for free. Pretty cool concept, isn’t it? For many, many years now, TV shows and news programs have been transmitted into outer space. Why? In the event that there is some sort of intelligent life beyond our solar system, we are offering them information about us and about our world.

Why not offer them your blog?

BlogInSpace is a somewhat quirky and fun way to promote your blog. Free to use – and you get some cool badges for your blog to display when your blog is transmitted. Blog in Space is also yet another very clever viral marketing campaign…that was/IS very successful. MarketingSherpa added Blog In Space to their 2006 Viral Marketing Hall of Fame. You can read a complete over-view of this marketing campaign here.

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