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This may sound like a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyway. If you could make one little niche site that would put $200 per month in your wallet, wouldn’t you want to create as many of those little sites as you possibly could?

I know I sure would! And that is exactly what successful niche marketers do. They build EMPIRES of these niche sites.

So what is an empire? A niche site empire is a cluster of small but profitable mini sites that are continually updating and growing. New sites are always being added and the old sites are always being maintained, updated with new content, improved etc.

Niche Marketing – How Does it Work?

The principle of creating a niche site empire is not so much that every site you create will be highly-profitable, but by making them in large quantities, you will be testing which niches are the most profitable – and which niches are duds.

Test and tweak, test and tweak….. continue to do what IS working – and STOP doing what shows no potential.

You know the whole 80/20 principle right? That 20% of your actions will account for 80% of your results? This totally applies to niche marketing. 80% of your income will come from just 20% of the sites you make. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does mean that 4 out of 5 sites you create won’t be as profitable as you’d like them to be – BUT 1 of each 5 sites will be a grand-slam home run.

How Many Niche Sites Does it Take?

So that means in order to find that one killer niche site that earns 4 figures a month on its own you’d have to have the ability to create 5 niche sites. Are you with me? That means the chances are if you want 10 super high profit niche sites you’d need to pump out 40 or 50 sites to find those 10 golden nuggets. From experience I can say this – that is a LOT of niche sites….AND a LOT of work.

Now it may sound like these are pretty bad odds and a ton of work. It’s also most likely true that the majority of people trying to make money from niche marketing aren’t going to do what it really takes to find those 10 profitable niches.

But that’s only because creating the kind of niche empire I’m talking about has in the past used to be so much work. Building sites, and then promoting them, and then constantly updating them, and then managing them can be an exhaustive nightmare if you’re trying to do it all alone.

Don’t give up quite yet. =)

What’s cool is that the information and resources needed to really help someone create a niche empire is easy to get. There is a great resource to help you with all this and make your niche marketing life SO much easier.

You’ll still need a “take action” attitude and a little bit of old fashioned elbow grease, but really….anyone can become a niche marketing wizard. Well, that is, IF they take action =)

Take a peek how here.

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