How Much Does It Cost To Make Money Online?

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The Real Cost To Make Money Online –

Thinking about trying to make money online? Know how much it will cost to earn income from the internet? With the decline in the economy, more and more people are looking towards two resources they already have in front of them to help ease their financial strain – their computer and their internet connection. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering, “OK, how much is all this make money online stuff going to cost me?”

Making Money Online – The “Must Haves”

If you are going to try and make some money online, there are two things you MUST have. You must have access to a computer and you must have access to the internet. Since you are reading this right now, I’m getting a really sneaky feeling that you already have those two things =)

As far as the “must haves” to make money online – those two things are it.

But I Already Have Those Things!

Yes, you do! How ’bout that? You already have the only two things you MUST have to make money online. In other words, you already have all you need to change your financial situation.

And… you can do it from home!

Now, I want to repeat that for those in the back of the class…..


I wanted to repeat that because it’s a hard concept for many of us to comprehend. For some reason, we are conditioned to believe we need fancy skills, someone to hire us, or a lot of expensive tools to make money online.

Nothing is further from the truth.

The bottom line start-up cost for an online business is exactly ZERO dollars and ZERO cents. No, I didn’t add computer or internet expense in there because you are already paying for that (and probably will continue to do so whether you learn how to get that computer to make money for you or not, right?)

How Do I Start Making Money Online?

You will come across a LOT of advertisements and sales pages offering to get you set up with your own internet business for a certain fee. There will also be THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of web pages offering to teach you a way to make money online – for a certain fee.

Now, I am not going to get into whether these programs or good or bad. As with anything else in life, there is good and bad everything and I don’t care to generalize that way.

There are also a million and five ways to make a million dollars online. No one way is right – no one way is wrong. It is a matter of picking a method and getting to work.

How I Learned To Make Money Online

I first looked at my computer as a way to generate income about two years ago. I didn’t have much money to invest into my adventure, so I researched Google and taught myself. In hindsight, I wish I had invested a bit more to save all the time I spent on the learning curve. But, as I said, I saw it as money being invested in my adventure instead of seeing it as it really was – money invested in my future.

It didn’t take me long to realize that there were ways to make money online for free. Yes, FOR FREE. I tested and tweaked and tried all kinds of stuff until I made it a simple little system for myself. The two biggest investments were – my time and my patience =)

Making Money Online Is Hard?

I keep hearing that from people, that making money online is hard. To me, it is so NOT hard – not even the learning curve of it. I see jobs like roofing in the South as hard. Being in construction, being a waitress, and road crew work are hard to me also – as well as physically taxing on your body.

I think being a surgeon would be hard. I can’t imagine having someone’s life literally in my hands like that, can you?

Being a parent is HARD. Being a single parent is MUCH harder (been there, done that!) Losing weight is hard – losing a loved one is just about the hardest thing of all.

But this making money online thing – NOT hard.

There is a learning curve to it as there would be with any new skill you’d try and learn to improve yourself. If right now, this very second, I decided I wanted to be an auto-mechanic – there would be a HUGE learning curve for me (AND a LOT of un-safe cars on the road…lol).

However, maybe you ARE an auto-mechanic, and to you, it’s not hard.

You already learned. Your mind already thinks like a mechanic and you most likely spent a great deal of energy to be able to think that way.

Making money online (ie, Internet Marketing) is no different from learning anything else new. It takes you out of your comfort zone as you learn something that could very well change your life.

How Do You Make Money Online For Free?

For those of us that want to keep our online business investment to a bare minimum, let me share with you the basic concept of what I do.

There are thousands of companies out there that let you sign up with them (for free) to help them promote their products. Some of the companies are very well-known, such as Target or Home Depot or Others are smaller and not as well-known.

When you sign up with a company to help promote their product or service, you are becoming what is called an affiliate for that company. As an affiliate, you will be given a special affiliate link that you copy and then paste onto your web page. This link is coded so that whenever someone clicks that link and buys something, you get a commission.

Where Do You Put These Affiliate Links?

Now, you are an affiliate for a company. You have your special links ready to go. Where do you put your affiliate links so people can find them and click them – and make you some money?

There are also many websites out there that are open for everyone to use for free. These sites will allow you to make a web page (don’t get scared at the phrase “make a web page”…lol These pages are very user-friendly) – and on these free web pages, you put your free affiliate link.

Yes, all free.

Just stop and think for a minute. Think about Alllllllllllll those products in there. You can link to any (or ALL) of those products (for free) and make free web pages to put your link on. When someone clicks and buys – you make a commission.

Nice, huh? And yes, it really works. It really is legitimate. And no, it is not a scam or a set-up.

This is the real deal!

Your total investment?

– A computer,

– Internet Connection, and

– Your time.

No boss. No phone calls. No stock. No shipping. No fees. Nothing.

This is how I started making money online. I used all free methods to build up revenue that I could then begin to invest in OTHER ways to make money online (like building my own web sites).

How Much Money Can You Make Online For Free?

This is a very good question… How much can you make online using all free methods? Ready for the answer?

How much do you WANT to make?

This is one of those rare situations in life where YOU are in charge of deciding how much you make. Every free web page you make is a potential income stream that leads right to YOU. Better yet, each of these free web pages can continue to make you money online long after your work on it is done.

That’s called passive income, and that’s the good stuff!

Only want a little extra each month? Then you would only make a few free web pages each month. Want to make a LOT of money online, replace your income type of money? Then you work hard and you make as many free web pages as you possibly can. And you KEEP making them.

Then one day, you don’t feel so hot because you got a bug or something, so you take the day off (hey, you ARE your own boss, right? lol). You lay on the couch all day watching TV and resting. Next day, you turn on the computer to find that you made over $700 that ONE DAY while you were on the couch.

True story – it happened to me yesterday =)

But you have to put forth the effort to learn…and you have to put forth the productive effort to get those free web pages online. ONE web page will not cut it.

How Do You Learn How To Make Money Online?

Simple – ask Google. Seriously – go to and type in learn internet marketing, or how to make money online, or affiliate marketing forum and read and read and read. If you don’t have money to invest into something that will cut off a lot of time in your learning curve, then you will need to get to learning.

There is a TON of free information online. You do not need any guide or system to learn this. I know this first-hand – it’s how *I* learned.

However, if you have $60 or so to invest in your future, then this is what I recommend to drastically cut your learning curve.

1. Get and Read my One Week Marketing 5-Guide Action Plan – This is the exact system in detail that I just described above. Its the free online marketing plan I spent a year developing for myself that outlines how to make money online for free. You can even read the first 18 pages for free =)

2. Get One Week Marketing Coaching & Help – If you’re totally new to all this, you are going to need help. Not just random help you find thru Google, but REAL PEOPLE to help you and answer your specific questions about the One Week Marketing Action Plan. For less than $11 a month (yes, like 35 cents a DAY) you can have access to high-quality coaching for the One Week Marketing Action Plan. You can learn more about One Week Marketing coaching here.

If these two things were available to ME when I first started, wow! It would’ve cut an easy 10 – 12 months out of MY learning curve, that’s for sure!

Bottom Line About Making Money Online

Above all else, I want everyone to know that it does not cost money to make money online. You simply have to want it badly enough.

The over-all reward is not just making money – it is creating wealth. To me, wealth does not have a dollar sign in front of it. Wealth means I am home with my kids. Wealth means we have money in the bank AFTER our bills are paid. Wealth means feeling like crap and spending a day on the couch and still having money coming in – AND I didn’t have to call a boss to get permission to be sick…lol!

Wealth means being able to spend more time living, loving, and laughing…..and a lot less time working.

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