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Did Your Subject Line Win The Test?

In yesterdays’ post about testing email subject lines to see which got the best open rate for a time-sensitive offer (a webinar was about to begin), I showed you the 8 different subject lines I tested and asked you to tell me which one YOU think was the winner. It’s time to see the results of my subject line test…and to see if you guessed right.

The 8 Subject Lines Tested

Here are the 8 email subject lines I tested:

So, which subject line did the best and got the best open rate in a short amount of time?

Email Subject Line Test Results

Ok, here are the results. Remember, we were looking for the best OPEN RATE….with the click -thru rate being a bonus (all details of the test are here).

First thing you might notice is that open rate % is not that high at all. Please keep in mind that this was a time-sensitive test and I pulled the stats after less than 2 hours from blasting the emails out.

The emails also went out about 8pm my time (Atlanta time) so it wasn’t really the best time to blast an email.

So – who is the winner?

….and the Winner Is……

Hmmm… I feel like I need a drumroll here or something…lol!

Email subject line #4 was the winner by a long shot with subject line #8 pulling in at second place.

I have to tell you this – I didn’t expect it to go that way. To me, subject line #4 looked boring, impersonal…very dry… but apparently it was pretty darn effective.

This is WHY we need to test things. I might THINK one thing will work best, but unless I test, I don’t know what REALLY works.

So, were you right? Did you guess the winner?

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