Getting Google to Index Your Squidoo Lens

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This post about getting Google to index your new Squidoo lens could easily have an alternate title of “How to Get Your Dog to Do Tricks on Command”, or “How to Get Your Three Year Old To Do That Cute Thing She Does For Your Guests”. Dogs, Kids, and Google… I can’t count on any of them to do what I want… WHEN I want.

“Crawl It! You Might Like It!!”

Any of y’all having a booger of a time getting the Big G to take a crawl of your new lenses on Squidoo? It’s been hit or miss for me. Some lenses take right away… and others make me want to beat my head against the wall. Thing is, I am usually pretty creative and effective at encouraging Google to take a run through my lens. I place links out there in highly visible locations, but the bottom line is, You can lead Google to content, but you can’t make it crawl!

Thing is, Squidoo has gotten SO big and many, many topics are not only covered, but they are OVER covered. I have noticed that when I make a lens that isn’t really unique to the Squidoo site, Google just doesn’t seem interested. I just want to shake that search engine and scream, “Crawl it! You Might Like It!!!”

Tonight, I made two new lenses. Get this, lens #538,237 and #538,465 for the Squidoo website. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Google is showing 420,000 pages from Squidoo in their index! That’s a lot of web pages!


Looks like Squidoo is getting to a tipping point of sorts and we’re gonna have to find new methods to our madness. I have learned (the hard way, naturally) to NOT promote my lens within the Squidoo site until AFTER Google gets the lens in their index. Let me clarify that –

Yes, I will add the new lens to groups, but no, I will not leave a link to the lens in the guest book of another lens, nor will I lensroll the new lens. I have found that these other lenses will start coming up for the query/search term my NEW lens is focused on..and my new lens is left in the proverbial dirt. So, I have changed my ways a bit and now ONLY promote a new, un-indexed lens AWAY from the Squidoo site until the Big G graces me with my new lens in the index.

Testing Ways to Get Squidoo Lenses Indexed FAST

I am testing the most effective ways to get a new Squidoo lens indexed and now I am down to one very simple concept – Blog about your new lens.

For these two new Squidoo lenses I created tonight, I am going to simply blog about them right here. Google is in this blog FAST… I mean REALLY fast. Sometimes, I publish a post, start to do a once over, last check for typos, and find out Google has already been and gone before I can do any last minute editing. That’s crazy! However, it’s time to see if I can use that to my advantage.

The only two links out of this post will be optimized anchor links to my pages on Squidoo. I want to see if this works for me better than my other methods.

So, please bear with me while I test this theory.

Introducing, Squidoo Lens #538,237 – Low Cost Web Hosting is a cool little lens that talks about things you need to know when picking out a web hosting account and five great hosting companies that are great, reliable, AND affordable. I also disclose MY web hosting company of choice.

Squidoo Lens #538,465 was a ton of fun to make. I was curious… How much does it cost to advertise on TV? I found a neat online company that breaks the myth that small business owners can’t afford to run TV commercials. I was amazed to see, that for my test commercial spot campaign, that TV commercials can cost $10 a piece – maybe even less! And it all can be set up right from your computer in about 30 minutes. Pretty impressive!

Take a peak at the new lenses if you’d like… I’ll let you know the results of my testing.

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