How Long It Took For Google to Find My New Squidoo Lens

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We’ve been talking about how to get Google to index your Squidoo lens. If you’ve been following along, you already know that I created two new Squidoo lenses and I was testing getting Google to find these two new lenses only by me blogging about them on this blog. The ONLY thing I actually did TO the new lenses was to ‘ping’ them from within the dashboard on However, I did not ping them until AFTER the first blog post here was in the Google index.

Well, the results are in – and, to me, it is quite interesting. Both lenses are now showing in the Google index. However, the time line in which Google indexed each web page involved is a bit odd. For the sake of consistency (and to make it harder on myself…lol), I am going to time stamp each event in GMT time. I’m in Atlanta, so I am -5 GMT, but I don’t want to mess with all that.

Ok, here we go


Time Line for Google to Find My Squidoo Lenses



03:00 GMT – First Lens on low cost hosting services was published within Squidoo

05:00 GMT – Second lens about cost to make a TV commercial was published within Squidoo

05:04 GMT – First lens (web hosting lens) was crawled and indexed by Google (as shown in the current cache)

06:00 GMT – Blog post here linking to new lenses was published

06:27 GMT – Google crawled and indexed the blog post

08:13 GMT – Second lens (TV Commercials) was crawled and indexed

16:00 GMT – Used Mixx to bookmark blog post

16:05 GMT – Dugg the blog post

17:00 GMT – Placed Blogroll links to new lenses on a PR3 niche blog (has not been crawled by Google since link was placed)

18:00 GMT – Pinged lenses thru


Now, does anything there look odd to you? The first lens was crawled by Google BEFORE the blog post linking to it was even published!

How? Seriously now, HOW did Google even FIND that lens? I did nothing other than create the lens and hit publish. It was still a WIP lens when first published, so I couldn’t join groups or anything.


Could it be My Tags on My Lens?

Ok, it could be tags I put on the lens, right? Here’s the funny thing – I forgot my own advice about tagging properly when you are first setting up the lens… and I didn’t add any more tags before I published it. So, right now, that lens has four not-so-great tags… and the primary tag is a bad choice.

Primary tag is: low cost hosting services for your business website

other tags are: hosting, website, websites


Could it be my lensmaster profile page?

This is a possibility. My PotPieGirl profile page on Squidoo is a PR4 – meaning Google is probably in there a good bit. So, when was my lensmaster profile page last crawled? Let me go look… talk amongst your selves, I’ll be right back. =)

:::cue “on hold” music:::::

Ok, for some reason, Google doesn’t want to show me a cache of my lensmaster page. However, I will need to rule that whole possibility out due to the fact that a new lens will not show on my profile page until it has a green check (not a WIP lens).

So, summary of all this is… I’m a bit stumped. I don’t have the discovery tool turned on for that lens…. and my lens wouldn’t show up on another lens via the discovery tool until it has a green check from Squidoo anyway.


How in the world did Google find and crawl that new lens in a total time of two hours?


I’m glad I used two new lenses for this test. The second lens (the TV commercial one) was crawled and indexed about 3 hours after being published BUT it was also crawled and indexed AFTER the blog post linking to it was crawled. Based on that lens, I would say that simply blogging about, and linking to, a new lens on a well crawled blog would get your new lens indexed quickly – BUT the first lens kinda blows that theory out of the water, doesn’t it?

So now I am opening this up to the audience –

  • How did Google find and crawl a new lens that had NO links pointing to it?
  • How come Google can take a WEEK or more to index a lens that has LOTS of links pointing to it? (yes, this happens to me, too)

I’m gonna get another cup of coffee and think this thru…. there is a logical explanation for this, but right now, it alludes me.

Your thoughts?

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