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How To Make AWESOME Lenses –

I’ve spent the day scouring Squidoo for the best “How to” and help lenses that can help all of us make better lenses. I have found some fantastic lenses about HTML – both beginner and advanced – lenses that show how to use CSS with Squidoo lens creation to really make your lenses pop, and lots of lenses about images, tips, tricks, and tutorials. You might want to bookmark this post for future use. If you’re like me, you’ll be visiting these lenses quite often.

Squidoo Help Lenses

help-manI found some super lenses today that I added to my own swipe file for future reference. As I was reviewing them, I realized that many of you might like to have this list too – especially my One Week Marketers 😉

I am going to break them down into sub-categories for easier reference and I am listing the straight url. Thank you to all the lensmasters that took the time to make these lenses – they are AWESOME!

Squidoo HTML Help Lenses

HTML is a type of web page code that allows you to make your text bold, or in italics, or underlined, or bigger, or a different color….or ALL of it at once. These lenses are a ton of help learning basic HTML for those that are new and for more advanced users who want HTML techniques to really wow their readers.

Squidoo CSS Help Lenses

CSS is another type of coding that can really make your lenses stand out. While at first glance CSS looks intimidating, it really isn’t. These lenses are a lot of help for learning and using CSS on Squidoo lenses:

Squidoo Module Help Lenses

Ah, the magical modules Squidoo gives us to use to make our lenses truly unique. Just yesterday, while making a new lens, I saw that yet again Squidoo has improved the module area in our workshop. They upgrade and improve over there so much that it is close to impossible to keep an online How To Squidoo Guide up-to-date.

Check out these lenses to learn more about modules – whether it’s trying to figure out what the name of a module is, where to find it, or how to use it, you will find the info you need here:

Squidoo Image Help Lenses

Images can really snazz up a Squidoo lens – do you know how to make your lenses both functional AND cool to look at? Do you know WHERE to get images from? Do you know how to add an image that is also a link? Check out these lenses for great Squidoo image help.

Squidoo Linking Help Lens

Adding links to your lens can be a real nightmare for those that are new to the Squidoo platform. Even more experienced lensmasters don’t know all the cool ways to get links on your lens. Check out this lens for some great tips and tricks about Squidoo linking:

How To Add a PayPal Button To a Squidoo Lens

Ever want to sell something directly from a Squidoo lens? Check out this lens that shows you how to add a PayPal “buy now” button to your Squidoo lens:

Squidoo Help Resources and Tutorials

There are a LOT of great Squidoo tutorials and resources online. Check out these two Squidoo lenses and learn a LOT:

Squidoo Back Links Help Lens

Ever wonder where you can submit your lens to help get more back links to improve your search engine ranking? Check out this great lens that lists a ton of great places you can submit your Squidoo lens:

Endless Squidoo Help and Answers

Perhaps your question or situation isn’t addressed here? No problem! This is one Squidoo page that will help you out a ton and should be the first place to look for Squidoo help. Regardless of your question, there will be an answer here:

Why Isn’t My Lens Working?

This is one of my lenses that has a ton of help about optimizing your lenses. There are TONS of frequently asked questions – with ANSWERS. Be sure to visit and book mark this lens:

Free Squidoo Tutorial Guides

There are some good free Squidoo Guides out there. Here are a few I found that could help (note: 2 of these pdfs had a hard time loading in my browser. I had to hit refresh/reload page (F5) one time and then they loaded fine):

Do You Need a How To Squidoo Book?

There you have it – a MEGA list of help making your Squidoo lenses. Cool thing is, you can go to these lenses and then click on resource links that the lensmaster has added and you will find MORE great help.

You don’t need no stinkin’ book to learn how to make a Squidoo lens. Sure, you might want an action plan to learn how to make money with your Squidoo lenses – but you don’t need to buy anything to learn how to Squidoo.

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