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My eyes hurt. My back hurts. My brain REALLY hurts…. but it’s here and it’s live..and it’s ready to teach YOU how to make small and profitable WordPress niche sites. I did just about a complete ‘brain dump’ of all I can think of that I do when I create my niche blog sites. We’re talking way over THIRTEEN THOUSAND WORDS on this new, free niche site tutorial website! (Yes, I counted!)

Introducing – 6 Step Niche Sites! ( ).

I created this system and called it the RICHER 6 Step Niche Site System. Why? Well, we all would like to be a little richer, wouldn’t we? 🙂

Here is a break-down of the 6 Step RICHER System:

Welcome to 6 Step Niche Sites

What You Need To Create WordPress Niche Sites

Step One – “R” is for Research

Step Two – “I” is for Install

Step Three – “C” is for Create

Step Four – “H” is for Hell Day (sorry, but it IS…lol)

Step Five – “E” is for Evaluate

Step Six – “R” is for Repeat

Notice how each step spells “RICHER” – ain’t I the clever one? haha!

As I said before, all this information is FREE! When I got about 10,000 words into it, I had this momentary thought of, “Gee, I shoulda made an ebook about this….”, but I am still glad I didn’t. It’s about time someone put some real information online and I am more than happy to be the one to do it. Yes, it took me a LOT of time and brain power…. but here it is. I really hope it helps folks get out there and start owning some virtual real estate that makes them some money!

Know what else is funny? As I went back and tried to review/edit with my bleary eyes, I realized I recommended a good bit of some great products that I really use. I started to think, “Uh Oh…. is this all going to cost my readers too much if they want to use these things, too?”

First off, you do not need any of the products I recommend to make these niche sites, but as I tallied it up, I saw that even if you decided to buy every, single thing…. it would all cost a grand total of..

::drum roll please:::


…and that is if you bought EVERYTHING!

Please, tell me any other business you can start for a measly $150 investment? And name another business that will work FOR you after the initial work is done? Oh, and no employees, no commute (gas prices- yuck!), and no fancy wardrobe or office politics, either! This is a business you can work from home at 2 am or 2 pm – one day a week or 7 days a week.

I’m telling you, I LOVE online marketing!

Hope you enjoy 6 Step Niche Sites.

As always, your feedback and comments are more than welcome and very appreciated!

Now, go make some niche sites!

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