I’m a 100 Club Giant! Thanks Squidoo!

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I received a wonderful email today. I was hand-selected to be a member of the Squid Giant 100 Club! Cool beans! This means I have 100 (uh, or more) lenses that the Squidoo team deems to be of high-quality! Thanks Squidoo! I am truly honored and I am so appreciative of the recognition!

My Cool New Squidoo 100 Club Badge

potpie girl is a 100 Club Squid on SquidooPretty snazzy, isn’t it? This cool little badge was attached to an email I just received that said:


You’ve been handpicked to be in the illustrious Giant Squid 100 Club.
That means you’ve created 100 (or more!) quality lenses, and we think
you’ve got the potential to make even more masterpieces.

So take a few minutes, bask in the glory, do a happy dance, shout it
from the rooftops… you’ve earned it.

There are lot of neat goodies that come with being a Giant Squid or a member of the 100 Club. Not sure what stuff I am at liberty to share, and I haven’t been through all of it yet, but as soon as I know what I am allowed to ‘spill the beans’ about, I will share it with you.

The email was from Bonnie, Robin, and Patti – the great gals that make up the Giant Squid Organizers. Thanks, ladies! I’m honored!

Squidoo has been such a strong and powerful vessel that has helped me get right where I am today (and that is a GOOD thing…lol).

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times…

If you are new to the whole ‘make money online’ thing – start at Squidoo. Learn how to make lenses. Get involved in the community and LEARN from the community. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the SquidU forum….. and every single thing about Squidoo is FREE.

A free education…. you can’t beat that!!!

I couldn’t find a list of the newest Giant Squids of a list of those that were selected for the 100 Club? Anyone else want to share and brag on themselves?

Go for it!!!!

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