How To Increase Blog Traffic and Improve Search Engine Exposure

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Having a blog is good. Having a blog that gets traffic is great. Not having to pay for that traffic…. PRICELESS! If you have a blog, or any page on the web for that matter, learning how to increase the traffic and improve search engine exposure is a top-priority. However, it is also one of the toughest parts of working online.


Increase Traffic To Your Blog and Improve Exposure on the Search Engines

increase-blog-trafficSince this is such a large topic to tackle, I am breaking this down into a series of posts. Each traffic generation method is rightly entitled to a complete description and “How To’ instructions. Plainly put, a one or two paragraph answer won’t be a REAL answer…so what would be the point of talking about it?

Each technique I list below are traffic generation methods I not only use, but I see results from when used to improve traffic to this blog. While I am focusing on how to increase blog traffic, these methods can be altered and used for traffic generation ideas for any web page, not just a blog.

In addition to blog traffic ideas, I will not only explain how I increase traffic to my blog, but I will also explain how these same methods improve my exposure within the search engine result pages. Increased exposure and improved exposure (yes, they can mean two different things). However both lead to better visibility in the SERPs which leads to….. yup, more traffic to your blog.

Please note a few things about these traffic generation techniques I will be discussing. First off, I do not always use each of these techniques for every blog post I create. Secondly, I will never advocate the abuse of any of the systems that are detailed.


Increase Blog Traffic AND Get Paid For It

Yes, it’s true, some of these traffic generation techniques are via platforms that pay me to use them. How cool is that? No, you will not get rich quick off of any single technique….and probably not by using all the techniques combined. Possible? Sure I guess…. I suppose it is also possible that I will finally scratch off the winning combination on a million dollar lottery ticket, too! However, I’m not holding my breath on that one =)


Blog Traffic Generation Techniques – My Favorites

As time goes by each of these ways to increase traffic to your blog will be linked out to it’s corresponding post. As it stands right now, I have 17 ways I get traffic to my blog. Knowing me, I will end up adding some more. If I do, it will be noted so you don’t miss out. To keep up-to-date with this traffic generation tips series of posts, go ahead and sign up to receive my posts via email. That way, I come to YOU and no one misses a thing!


17 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Also (knowing me), I may not be posting on each topic in the order they are listed below. Bear with me, when this is all complete, each technique will have a link to detailed information.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Article Marketing

RSS Feeds

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Communities



Associated Content


Other Blogs

Blog Interaction


Guest Bloggers

Personal Requests



If you have any specific questions and/or requests, please feel free to email me. I do requests 😉

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