Merry Christmas!

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

This Christmas marks the 3rd holiday season I have spent with all of you here at – wow, time sure flies, doesn’t it? Each of you long-time readers have shared marriages, graduations, family vacations, births…and even sad losses with me. And now, we celebrate another Christmas.

Merry Christmas To You And Yours

I’d like to take this moment to wish each of you a very happy and very SAFE holiday season. Please, turn off the computer and take time for your family and loved ones. I can promise you that ‘work’ will still be there when you get back. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to put work to the side, but it is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself AND for your business.

We work in a business that is running wide-open 24/7. The internet never closes. Because of that, it can be a real challenge to make ourselves stop and take a break.

We all need breaks…and we all deserve breaks.

I’d like for all of you to have a relaxed and peaceful Christmas AWAY from the computer and work and all that stuff that absorbs our thoughts day after day. No matter how bleak your personal situation might feel at this moment, Christmas is not the time to think or dwell on those things. There are much more important things in life than click-thrus and hoplinks, traffic and back links, ranking and SEO. Please choose this time to be thankful and reflective on what is GOOD in your life.

And I hope you will each join me in doing just that – starting with turning off the computer…and closing the office door.

Everything will be right here when you get back.

A quick personal note to Anne. If you’re reading, I want you to know that I received your beautiful thank you note in the mail the other day. It touched me beyond words and it hangs on the wall in my office as a reminder of why I really do what I do.

Chin up, girl…. you’re gonna be just fine!

To everyone else… MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for all you do all year long…and thank you for sharing your time with me.

Kiss your babies (no matter how old they are), love on your spouse or significant other, call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while, visit friends, hold the door open for someone, take your dog for a walk, smile and say hello to a stranger – whatever it takes to warm your heart and quite possibly warm the heart of another. Just do it OFF the computer =)

From my family to you and yours…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Be safe!


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