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I made a new Squidoo lens today, and I think it’s great! Learn Squidoo with PotPieGirl is a lens full of Squidoo tips, advice, and help that I have collected from this very blog. That new lens is like the ultimate Squidoo Help Center!

“Squidoo 4-1-1, How Can I Help You?”

Here at, we have covered a lot of Squidoo territory, haven’t we? How to create a lens – step by step, how to do keyword research for your Squidoo pages, Getting Google to FIND your lens – and why Google won’t send traffic to your lens.

We also covered link building for Squidoo, Squidoo SEO, and how to get your lens to rank higher in the search engines. Other posts went into the TOS of Squidoo – and what to do if your Squidoo lens is locked.

I found so much more good Squidoo information while back-tracking through my blog. Problem is, information in a blog can be hard to find. I was trying to figure out a way for my blog readers to easily find the Squidoo info they needed at the moment when it hit me…

Duh, Jen… Just Build a Squidoo Lens!

So, I Did! I will be adding to this lens as new information comes up or new questions get asked.

Now that I built it, I hope you will come!

Stop by and see all my Squidoo Help from PotPieGirl!

On another note: If you’ve smelled smoke lately, don’t be alarmed. I have been hard at work for a new creation. I am creating a whole website that is devoted to teaching others how to build profitable WordPress niche sites! I am taking the whole process (as I do it) and breaking it down into easy to follow steps. It’s turning out quite nicely, but it is also taking a whole lot of my brain cells (hence, the smoke you smell).

I’ve been working on this idea for some time. Been keeping notes as I do this or that… and WHY I do this or that to my niche sites. I even created a niche site for this learning website that you will not only be able to see, but you will follow along as I take that niche website thru all the steps of the process.

I’m really excited about this new website! I hope it will give many, many others the system and solid info they need to build a TON of niche websites of their own.

Oh – and the entire site will be FREE!

Yes, F-R-E-E! Why? After much soul-searching I decided that making all this info free for everyone was just the right thing to do.

I’ll announce the new niche site tutorial website just as soon as it is ready for the public.

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