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Quick post today to let you know that I have set up and begun a blog for! The response to this little WordPress niche site tutorial blog has been excellent! With the activity naturally comes questions and the need for further, or more in-depth, explanations while learning to make niche sites.

Introducing the 6StepNicheSites Blog

If you have questions about making mini-sites with WordPress, I’ve got answers (ok, or I can FIND answers!) I’ll do my best to help expand of more specific parts of each of the 6 steps. I realize this is all very new to some folks, and the last thing I want to do is over-whelm my readers with info OVER-load. I believe that each of you CAN do this and it is my goal to break the process down into small, easy-to-repeat steps that you can do over and over again.

You can find the 6 Step Niche Sites Blog here ( So far, I have explained how Unique Article Wizard works, I have answered questions about how to put eBay ePN affiliate RSS feeds on WordPress niche sites for free, and…..

How to get HostGator for ONE CENT!

Yes, for ONE CENT! Just think, if you get a cheap domain here for $5.95 and then a one cent hosting account – you can have your very first WordPress niche site live for a great big investment of…

Five dollars and ninety-six cents! Yes, $5.96!


Anyway, I hope you will check out the blog. There is a contact form you can use to ask questions to me directly, too.

Just a Note About The 6 Step Blog

You all know that I am in favor of no-nofollow blogs. THIS blog is a no-nofollow blog. If you post a comment (AND I approve it), Google will follow your links on your comment back to your sites.

However, the 6 Step Niche Blog is NOT no-nofollow. For now, all comments on that blog are nofollow. I want that blog to be a learning area and NOT a promotion area. I also want to discourage the ‘drive-bys’ that drop a comment link and leave.

In time, as the site ages and develops Page Rank and authority, I will consider a plug in that removes the nofollow from the comments of people who have already made a certain amount of comments.

I hope you understand. I want that to be a safe place for those that are serious about learning to make niche sites to ask questions and get answers.

Ok, thats it from me for the day- and it just might be ‘it’ from me for the weekend. I have been VERY busy – made the 6 Step blog and FOUR niche sites in the last 48 hours.

Now, I plan to go out with the hubby and play a little indoor golf at Bottom of the Cup (maybe take some money off him, too. haha! Oh boy, if he reads this I will NEVER live it down!).

This weekend I will be doing really fascinating things like laundry and dishes and cleaning the house. Since I AM a ‘real person’, my ‘real home’ is getting to look like a disaster area with my lack of attention. Any volunteers to clean the toilets? haha!

I will still check my email periodically so no fear of me just disappearing =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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