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The Secret To Finding BUYING Markets Online

Every now and then, there is a new affiliate marketing tool on the horizon that gets me really fired up. In mid January 2009, such a tool is coming… and it’s gonna be GREAT! I am talking about a service called NicheQ. For those involved in niche affiliate marketing like I am, this will be an invaluable tool that must be added to your affiliate marketing tool box.

Finding A Niche Market That Is PROFITABLE

Like many of you, I can sit there and play with a keyword tool until my eyes bleed. I love looking for keyword phrases that can bring in targeted traffic! But – there is always this bit of doubt right before I start to move forward with the keywords. It’s a nagging feeling that sits in the back of my mind and screams –

“Yo, Jen! Cool keywords and all, but—


After all, what do I really know about that market? Heck, a lot of times I know almost nothing about the TOPIC, let alone the entire MARKET! Here’s a confession – there have been many times I have found a keyword and I have had to GOOGLE it because I had NO idea what it was!

I have a funny feeling you know exactly what I am talking about.

How in the world can you KNOW that you are spending your time creating web space in a market that will return profit for you?

Go Wide With One Week Marketing…

Then Go DEEP With NicheQ

In One Week Marketing, I am getting people started making money online. Many of us don’t have the money to risk on starting an online business, and I get that.. TOTALLY. By following the Action Plan in One Week Marketing, you are setting yourself up to begin to generate income so you HAVE money to re-invest in your business so you can grow online and make MORE money (Yes, that’s how it works 🙂 )

The other objective of One Week Marketing is something that I’m not sure everyone has caught on to … YET. You see, when I first started all this make money online stuff, I kept reading how I should follow my passions…. make websites about what interested ME… write about what *I* think is cool.

Yeah, right.

If I HAD continued to try that after my first, ohhhhh thirty-fifty attempts, I would NEVER be where I am right now.

YES, it IS easier to write about something you know or something you enjoy. But that whole ‘follow your passion’ concept…

It’s Total BS

If working online is a hobby to you, then please, by all means, write about what you ENJOY. But for me, this is business, I want to spend my time on things that SELL. You can write about all the things you enjoy as much as you want AFTER you have money coming in, right? One of those perks of being your boss 😉

When you follow the One Week Marketing Action Plan, you are creating web space in a new market every week. You are using free resources online so you are not risking any of your money, but in return you are setting up potential income streams back to YOU. Yes, the whole “make money online for free” concept.

Now, by creating a new campaign every week, you are doing what I call “Going Wide”. Let’s face it, when we first start, we don’t what will or won’t convert. Yeah, sure, it might look to good to US, but will it make sales? Will WE be able to write our content (our copy) in such a way that we not only identify a specific niche market, but we also identify WITH that niche market in a way that talks to them and puts them in the right state of mind to click thru and be sold to by the vendor?

If you’re doing all this affiliate marketing stuff to actually make money, then these are the things that matter.

I have websites, and lenses, and articles out there all over the web that have failed miserably. Yup, *I* thought they were the best idea since sliced bread, but I was wrong. Somehow, somewhere, I missed. Most of the things I can look back at NOW and see what I did wrong, but we’re talking almost 2 years of experience under my rhinestone belt.

Flops and screw ups = Experience and Lessons Learned…. even if you don’t learn those lessons right away.

When you’re new, you don’t know. That’s not a slam or meant to offend anyone because guess what? You’re not SUPPOSED to know. New means NEW, right? New means you are learning. “New” means you are probably going to have a good bit of stuff that does NOTHING before you find something that works for you.

And that is OK! As long as you don’t quit before you find that something, you’re golden!

So, back to my point (’cause yes, I do have one…lol) – By getting your weekly One Week Marketing campaigns OUT there, you learn.

Guess what else happens?

As long as you don’t get “married” to your weekly campaigns – just do what you’re supposed to and kick ’em from the nest so you can move on to the next one – you will eventually start to find those little markets that you CAN convert. It might be your first one, it could be your 15th, I have no idea. But that day when you see that one of your campaigns is making you money is the day you stop and ask yourself, “OK, how do I go deep with this?”

If one little OWM campaign can make sales, there is NO TELLING what you can achieve by actually digging in to that market and going hog wild with it.

Digging deep into a market is like digging for gold =)

Pinky promise backed by a “been there, done that”.

Once you can find AND convert a BUYING market, the sky is the limit!

Enter: NicheQ

NicheQ is the newest super affiliate tool from Kyle and Carson (yup, those young brainiacs from my other home – Wealthy Affiliate).

Want to know what NicheQ is? Let’s just get the answer straight from the mouths of these two super-affiliates:

What Exactly is NicheQ?

NicheQ is the most comprehensive niche research system available ANYWHERE! NicheQ’s are individual systems comprised of research reports in many different online industries.

Research is the single most important aspect of earning money online. As an Internet marketer, you need to know who your audiences are before you even think about connecting with them. Before you write an article, create any ads, or websites, you need to determine exactly who your audience is.. and what they are looking for…

… It would take a single person 300+ hours to comprise a report as elaborate as a single NicheQ and to build all the supporting resources we provide.

Ya know, lots of people ask me why *I* am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. (I think that’s so funny…lol) But ok, let me answer like this…

If you want to be successful online (or in any business), find those that are already achieving the results YOU want to achieve and learn from them. When it comes to digging deep, deep, deep into a buying niche market, Kyle and Carson know EXACTLY what they are doing. They have proven it time and time again…and have the earnings to prove it. I am beyond thrilled to have this resource from them available to ME in the next few weeks. I’m constantly trying to learn how to be better at affiliate marketing and these two “boys” are some of the best in the business.

They are achieving the results *I* want to achieve 🙂

NicheQ Is Free?

Ohhhhh…. and guess what? NicheQ is FREE for Wealthy Affiliate Members! (another reason I like Kyle and Carson…they provide value way beyond any level of expectation!)

Now, I know many of you are not hanging out with me in Wealthy Affiliate, but perhaps you might want to reconsider sometime very soon?

What I Will Have Access To With NicheQ

Take a look at what I will have access to (for FREE) when NicheQ is released next month. This is a screen shot from within my Wealthy Affiliate account:

For someone like me, this is beyond AWESOME! Did you read the Supporting Resources part??? My goodness! I don’t know about you, but I am WAY excited about this!

By golly, this just might be better than sliced bread!

Not A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate? No Problem!

So, by now you’re thinking, “Well rats, Jen! I’m not a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I don’t know if/when I will be. You wrote this entire post and there’s nothing in here for ME?”

Would I write a post that didn’t offer EVERYONE something cool? NoooOooOOoOoOoo, I would not!

Know the other day when I did that video on how to get started in affiliate marketing showing a free way to get niche ideas and products? Well, that is just ONE way to find profitable niches online. Kyle and Carson have an amazing report that shows you many more ways to uncover profitable niche markets online….and they’re good!

Yes, this is FREE FOR EVERYONE and it will be one of the best things you’ve read to develop your internet affiliate business in a long, long time.

Remember, if this is a hobby, write about anything you want to. BUT, if this is a business to you, FIND WHAT SELLS.

A Rare Chance To Learn From Those That Are CONSISTENTLY Achieving The Results YOU WANT –


I pinky promise you will like it LOVE it. These boys have ways of finding profitable niche markets that I don’t think I would have EVER thought of.

But I’ll tell ya this, I certainly am very glad I know how to do this kind of niche research NOW.

Want to learn, too? Good… get your free niche guide here.

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