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I’m so excited about this, I can barely contain myself! I am about to release my very first Clickbank product! Y’all might remember a few months ago when I asked who would be interested in knowing how *I* make money with Clickbank. The response was over-whelming (thank you!), but I just hadn’t been able to tie it all together – until now.

My First ClickBank Product – WooHoo!

I have been keeping notes and also keeping track of all those little things I do when I set out to make money with a Clickbank affiliate program. The notes and all were good…. but they were missing something. I just couldn’t figure out WHAT it was all missing tho!

Then it hit me. My action plan was missing the objectivity of questions asked by someone who is new to all this. I do so many things by instinct now. I don’t even realize I am doing them let alone ask myself WHY I am doing them. Based on that, I held off and put that project on the back burner. You know, on ‘the list’ of to-do projects? C’mon, I know you have one too! haha!

However, as life always does, the right time was given to me. I received an innocent and not so unique message one day from a young man who just wanted me to take a look at a web page he made the day before. He was asking my input, perhaps some advice or pointers.

Whenever I receive the emails and messages like his, I am swept with two emotions. 1) I know what it takes to approach someone online when you need help… I totally respect that and do the best I can to help. And 2) What a compliment that someone is asking ME!

ANYWAY, this particular message started to become a conversation. I realized that I would have given just about ANYTHING to read what we were talking about when I first started in all this online marketing craziness.

Then, it hit me. BAM! THIS is what my product was missing – a real person, just like all of us at one point or another, who was willing to listen and try the system I use.

I asked him if he was interested and for his permission to use our conversation, stats, and the whole she-bang for my product. I kinda expected him to say, “no”, but he was all about it. He had the time, and the drive, and a whole lot of desire to FINALLY get something out there that made money.

So, we went to work. I kept every single word of that on-going week+ conversation. What I have now to go along with my product is like a real live mentoring case study. I have 110+ PAGES of an on-going tutorial where I teach and explain and he asks REAL questions… its good stuff. Really good stuff.

Can you imagine having someone who knew what they were doing taking you by the hand for a week or so and talking you thru the entire process? Man, that would have been AWESOME!

What Were The Results Of Our Time Together?

Of course we all want to know HOW this young man did after spending a week working with me, don’t we? haha!

Get this, the kid made THREE sales within the first WEEK of his campaign going live!

Incredible!!! Not only were we both so excited – and I don’t know which ONE of us was the most excited – but my family here at home was cheering him on, too. I’d open up my messages and scream, “He made another sale!!”

Needless to say, we all had a blast AND now he is also left with a sound and solid foundation to rinse and repeat… rinse and repeat….

All those millions of pieces of info over-load started to click into place. He is off and running now. Kid just totally flew the nest! hahha! Just kidding, he still keeps in touch =) I’ll have to get him over here so you can meet him.

I met him in the Wealthy Affiliate Forum. Lots of great folks in there! Not only great folks, but BUSY folks. Kyle and Carson just released an incredible, fabulous, wonderful AND amazing set of tools for us. They tore apart one VERY profitable and very BIG market…and now we all have everything we need to make a LOT of money with it. We’re talking keywords, and sites, and guides, and tracking, and market research, and, and, and…. EVERYTHING you could possibly need for this very ‘evergreen’ online market.

I have no doubt that my ‘little grasshopper’ is off an running with all that. Between what he learned with me and allllllll the incredible niche research he now has right at his finger tips… well, I’d say he is good to go!

Introducing –

OK, I’m done rambling in the way I do when I am all fired up about something – sorry! My One Week Marketing Action Plan is not 100% complete yet, and I still have to go thru the whole Clickbank process as well as get some really cool tools for any potential affiliates (yes, this one WILL have an affiliate program!) But, while we wait, I have set up a page where you can sign up and be the first to find out when my One Week Marketing is available.

Feel free to go ahead and sign up. I won’t terrorize you with emails – just important updates, etc.

I can not wait for y’all to read this!

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