P.I.Q. Strategy from PotPieGirl

I discovered such a fun and easy way to help my blog posts AND my Pinterest pins do SO much better – so I wrote it all out in a training guide…

and then I STARED at the completed guide for about 10 days.

I felt kinda “stuck”.

Did I REALLY want to share this info?

Would this be yet another strategy guide folks would read quickly – and then let it gather dust on their computer?

When I share a strategy that really works for ME, I want others to DO it.

I want others to have GREAT success with their blog AND with their Pinterest pins –

AND, I KNOW there are PLENTY of P.I.Q. Keywords for EVERYONE (and then some!)


I decided I SHOULD share this P.I.Q. Strategy with you.

I think YOU know that it takes a few weeks for anything new on Pinterest (or on your blog) to really kick in, right?

I think you ALSO know that once a solid Pinterest strategy kicks in, you can’t STOP it.

It’s truly a BEAUTIFUL thing =)

While Pinterest might be a “slow burn”, once things kick in, it becomes an ever-growing snowball of traffic.

The “trick” is – getting eyes on your pins when you first pin them.

And that all comes down to the keywords you choose.


P.I.Q. Keyword Strategy for Pinterest Bloggers from PotPieGirl

Yep, this is my personal P.I.Q. Strategy for finding the BEST keywords to use for your Pinterest pins (and they REALLY help your blog posts too!)

We all know I *LOVE* my acronyms (grin) and yes, P.I.Q. stands for something (I’ll reveal all that inside the strategy guide).

Just for fun, let’s pronounce P.I.Q. as “pick” =)

If you’re a more established Pinterest blogger with at least 30 posts or so and an active Pinterest account, this is for YOU.


P.I.Q. Strategy? What IS it?


My P.I.Q. Strategy is totally new, and is a very “counter-intuitive” way of finding really great keywords that will help your pins AND your posts do so much better (and do better FASTER too).

We all know I don’t do things like “everyone else” – so saying this is counter-intuitive would be the norm for me, right? haha!


My P.I.Q. Strategy:

– Works BEST for NEW posts with NEW pins.

– Works second best for NEW pins for OLD posts.

– Works third best for “old pins” with a new pin description.

(oh, and it REALLY helps with your Google rankings and traffic too!)

By using my P.I.Q. Strategy, you are not only helping your pins and helping your blog posts – you’re actually helping Pinterest, too.

And that’s probably why the Pinterest algo seems to LOVE my P.I.Q. pins.

So, no fancy sales page or twisting your arm –

You either want and need this – or you don’t.

That’s the only decision here.

In all brutal honesty, I am TOTALLY fine with NO ONE else doing this

(sorry, but that’s just the truth!)

I’ve been having SO much fun watching how well my P.I.Q. Strategy is working for me to get incredible traction and impressions on my pins AND the traffic that comes with it.

(and the additional traffic from Google is pretty sweet too!)




I reserve the right to increase the price – or totally remove – this strategy guide at ANY TIME.

This isn’t some fancy product launch – in fact, I’m totally fine with this staying “under the radar”.

It might sound selfish, but I’m really fine if I’m the ONLY ONE doing it…haha!

But reality is: there are MILLIONS of these types of P.I.Q. Keywords – there’s just NO WAY this could get saturated.

Right now, YOU probably found this page because I sent you an email, you saw it on Facebook, OR one of my blogging buddies told you about it.

That’s awesome that you DID find this – you’re gonna love it!

Want to know my P.I.Q. Strategy?

Want to know what P.I.Q. even means?

P.I.Q. Keyword Strategy for Pinterest Bloggers from PotPieGirl




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