PotPieGirl’s Two-Year Anniversary

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I’m Back –

Wow! What a great mini-vacation we had! Sure was nice to get away for awhile – and, as always, it’s wonderful to come back home. Today is a special day for me. Feb 18th marks my second anniversary working online. It was two years ago today that I got this crazy little idea to make money online.

My Special “Souvenir” From My Vacation

Our weekend started out fantastic. I’m tellin’ ya, if anyone wants a really good marketing lesson, go stay at a casino resort. This is definitely one industry that has mastered the art of giving the customer tremendous value in order to just get them in the door.

You pay for nothing. You want for nothing. All the casinos want is you on the casino floor. If you ever go to a casino – get a players card. It costs nothing, but can bring some great benefits (especially in this economy).

My birthday was wonderful (THANK YOU for all your birthday wishes!) Valentine’s Day was even sweeter….and then we come to Sunday – the day we were set to check out and leave.

Sunday morning I woke up with a raging fever. We ended up checking out late and then PotPieDude piled me up in the car for the 6-hour drive home. I slept 99% of the time. In fact, we didn’t even stop once on the way home.

A Day In The Life Of PotPieGirl – Part 2

Funny that I wrote that post about my typical day before I left for vacation. That typical day has been so NOT typical for me the past 3 days.

Monday – Laid there. Watched TV. Took meds.

Tuesday – Same.

Wednesday – Same until about 4 pm for an appointment.

It’s been rough. Whenever I had a “burst of energy” I would either a) change the TV channel, or b) roll on my side and look at my email on my laptop. This has been the weirdest illness. Started with fever, then sore throat, then add in the sinuses…now, I am getting cold symptoms.

Tonight, I have a little more pep, but still on the couch using the laptop. Hopefully the worst is over.

Speaking Of Email

Since I mentioned my email, let’s talk about it for a second. Needless to say, I have a LOT of email waiting for my attention. My apologies to anyone who has an email in to me that has not heard back from me yet. I will get to it – I just can’t promise when.

My hubby was asking me how much email I get each day that requires my personal attention. I get about 100 a day – some days more. My hubby pointed out to me that even if each email took an average of only 3 minutes to open, read, and reply, that I would spend 300 minutes…. FIVE HOURS …. each day just on email.

Since my goal for 2009 has been to learn how to leverage what I’ve built and the whole work less/make more thing, spending a minimum of five hours a day on email seems a little off-course, doesn’t it? lol! That is something I have to work on. It also happens to be one thing that I can’t outsource. While I surely can outsource my tasks, I can’t outsource ME.

So – many questions that I get via email now will turn into blog posts here at PotPieGirl.com. I think it’s a good idea that the whole “class” benefit from the answer (AND it gives me a post to reference for the next emails I get that are the same question…lol).

Also, please check and see if your question isn’t already answered on a Squidoo FAQ lens I have. There is a ton of information on that lens. In fact, I would highly recommend that everyone reading that uses Squidoo open this lens:


and bookmark it. There is so much good information for various Squidoo issues as well as some great One Week Marketing Action Plan Q&A’s.

If I send you an email back with a link to something to read, PLEASE do not be offended. Thanks!

Happy Anniversary To Me (Again!)

Yes, today is my two-year anniversary working online! I can remember two years ago…staring at the white screen and somehow turning it into a website (a crappy site, but it was MY website! lol)

Learning to make money online is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I am so glad I stuck with it. In the beginning, it feels like brick wall after brick wall…. but it gets better. I promise =)

Ok, now I’m going to take more meds… watch the rest of Damages…and go back to sleep.

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