PotPieGirl’s Pinterest CheatSheet

Pinterest shortcuts, tips, tricks and hacks for those SERIOUS about their Pinterest marketing and Pinterest results.  Easy to read CheatSheet full of amazing Pinterest tips.Did you know there are some “tips and tricks” that can really help you with your Pinterest results?

What’s odd is that I’ve never heard any of the “Pinterest Pros” mention many of these techniques.

For example:

Do you know how to see how fast (or slow) a Group Board moves with new pins?

Trust me, this is VERY important to know in order to get the most out the Group Boards you are allowed to pin on.

Here’s another one:

Did you know that there is a VERY simple way to see exactly how many repins a specific pin has had at ANY given moment?

I use this technique ALL the time – super helpful… but I don’t hear anyone else sharing this technique.

It’s such a simple little “hack” – and once you know how to do it, you’ll be able to get up-to-the-SECOND stats on your own pins…

Or ANY pin on Pinterest =)

That’s right – it works for not only your pins, but ANY pin you see on Pinterest.

In just two quick clicks, you can see EXACTLY how many repins ANY pin has as of that exact moment AND exactly who is repinning it (and what board they repinned it to).

This is POWERFUL stuff!

This one little technique in my Power Pinners Pinterest CheatSheet will be one you will NOT want to share – it’s that good.

Here’s another one:

Have you ever wondered how often another Pinterest account pins?

As in, down to the MINUTE?

Yep, I’ll show you how to do that, too.

Being able to see EXACTLY how often successful Pinterest accounts pin is VERY helpful for finding pinning strategies that work.

And remember when Pinterest would let us see who repinned our pin, and what board they pinned it to… and WHEN they repinned it?

Pinterest took that away from us…

Or DID they?

Yep, you guessed it – I’ll show you how to see that info too.

I’ll also share with you the BEST way to understand how Pinterest works…

and how to know how often your followers actually SEE your pins.

(this is a BIG one – super helpful)

As you can see, I have few tricks up my sleeve.

And these “tricks” help me do REALLY well on Pinterest.


Because I know how to see the things that really matter on Pinterest.

If you’re interested, I’d like to share my Pinterest “tricks” with you.

You will get an easy-to-read 20-page pdf guide with my best Pinterest Power Pinner Tricks.

Pinterest Shortcuts CheatSheet

After a quick 5 minute read, YOU will know all the tips and tricks I use every single day on Pinterest.

AND – best of all – you’ll be able to go DO the tricks right away.

No fluff, no painful learning curve…

Just solid, straight-to-the-point information that you’ll be ready and able to go do for your own Pinterest account right away.

Sound good?

Just click the button below and get YOUR copy of:

PotPieGirl’s Power Pinners Pinterest CheatSheet

PotPieGirl's Pinterest CheatSheet

PS – Oh…. and one more thing –

I also added a BONUS TIP inside your guide.

If you struggle with writing GOOD pin descriptions, you’ll LOVE this trick.

And again, I don’t see anyone talking about using this tool the way I do.

But it sure makes one heck of a difference for the success of your pins.

If you’ve got 5 minutes, you’ve got plenty enough time to soak up all the goodness I share in this CheatSheet

PotPieGirl's Pinterest CheatSheet

Pinterest CheatSheet from PotPieGirl

Uhhh…. why should I learn Pinterest from you, Jennifer?

If you’re not sure that I know what I’m talking about…

Take a look at my Pinterest stats here.

Have a great day!


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