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In this blog, I plan to talk about Squidoo, blogs, articles, gpt sites, and all things free that offer everyday people – people like you and I – a way to really make money through the internet.

BUT – Before I get into any of that, I want to say something to anyone who finds, or trips and falls onto, this blog.

We are living in a wonderful time. The internet is no longer something we browse or surf as we research, keep in contact through email, or entertain ourselves.

The internet has become an opportunity for everyone.

If you have an internet connection –

If you can read –

If you can type ….

YOU can make money online.

I want to take this opportunity to break any misconceptions you may have.

Misconception #1 – Earning money online is NOT reserved for big corporations, or big-shot advertisers, or rich gurus.

Misconception #2 – It does not TAKE money to MAKE money online.

Misconception #3 – You do not need special skills, super powers, or years of computer education to make money online.

I personally guarantee all of the above…pinky-promise…scouts honor.

I am walking, talking, typing, living proof that NONE of those 3 misconceptions are true.

If you are willing to think outside the box and be willing to perceive the internet in a whole new way….

If you are willing to apply yourself and are willing to learn…..

If you are willing to make mistakes…..

You can do this, too.

There is one fantasy I want you to let go of, though…

Making money online does NOT mean “get rich quick” or ” be a millionaire over night”…and it definitely does not mean “EASY MONEY”.

The internet is an opportunity… a VEHICLE…that can help you get where you WANT to be in life.

An opportunity to take control of the bills that keep you living paycheck to paycheck.

An opportunity to have extra spending money for the things you WANT to do

An opportunity to give yourself some security when in this day and age, the term “job security” is obsolete.

Even if you make $10 extra dollars a week online for a year, you could have an extra $500 for Christmas.

And in that year, you will have learned new skills that improve YOU…you will be able to double that the next year based on the things you’ve learned. Or maybe you’ll learn quicker and make $20 a week the second half of your first year.

If you’re looking for an instant, easy way out of debt and job-frustration – please use the back button on your browser. This is not the place for you.

This IS the place for someone who is willing to learn from my travels and experiences and for those that would like to feel the true liberating joy of working for YOU – the pride in personal ACHIEVEMENT.

I am going to step down from my soap box here in just a second, and get to the point of this whole blog and use of my time.

Before I do, one last thing – If you are having money troubles, or would just like to be able to get ahead in life – there is NO excuse to not learn, and USE, a resource that is sitting right in front of you.

Your computer.

:::stepping down::::

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