SyndLab Review & Demo [Does It Really Work?]

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Can you really push a button and rank Page 1 in Google? That’s what SyndLab says it will do for you.

SyndLab – what IS it? What does it do? How does SyndLab work?

And most importantly – Does SyndLab actually WORK to help your blog posts rank better in Google?

In my video walk-through of my SyndLab account below, I’ll show you how to quickly set up SyndLab, how it works, and more.

(haven’t heard of SyndLab yet? check it out here so you’ll understand what I’m talking about)

What IS SyndLab?

I can’t say it any better than the creator, Joshua Zamora, explains it on this page:

“Syndlab is a brand new web-app that allows your customers to automatically syndicate their content across 25+ networks for FAST page 1 Rankings for both their videos and niche sites. It will also allow them to use this platform as a content distribution and management platform since they’ll be able to syndicate their content across all their networks at the push of a button.”

And yes, it absolutely DOES happen “at the push of a button”.

You simply enter the link to the blog post you want to rank better in Google, fill in a few quick things, and push that button – and SyndLab goes to work FOR you.

It’s pretty nifty!

SyndLab Demo Video

Let me show you inside my SyndLab account, how to set it up, how it works, and more…

==>> Get Access To Your SyndLab Account Here

Here’s a “Short List” of What SyndLab Does:

– Gets you first page rankings, FAST!
– Builds over 21+ high-quality syndication links to ANY URL that you want
– has one-click posting capabilities so it does ALL the work for you in ONE click!
– has a built-in drip feeding option to give your campaigns that natural feel
– has a built-in scheduler to schedule up to 14 days of syndication!
– allows you to see full reports of your campaigns
– and much MUCH more!

There’s also an optional SyndLab WordPress plugin that does all of that above for you AUTOMATICALLY when you publish a post!

It’s really smooth. I have to admit – I’m impressed! Joshua did a great job with this.

Does SyndLab Really Work?

That’s the BIG question, isn’t it?

Does SyndLab actually WORK to improve the Google keyword rankings for your blog posts?

Here’s the thing: As I type this, I literally JUST started using SyndLab since it was JUST opened up to the public.

So no, in the few minutes that my SyndLab campaigns have been live, I am not magically ranking #1 in Google all of a sudden.

(surely, we all know that does NOT happen in MINUTES, right? lol!)

At this point, I don’t know for sure if it’s gonna work…but my gut says YES, this IS gonna work!

Heck, since it just went live today, NO ONE that just got access can truly tell you if it works or not.

BUT, after 10+ years of working online I can tell you this: I can sure SEE it working.

I KNOW the concept works – and the SyndLab software works extremely well (easy to use, does what it says it does) so I see no reason that it won’t work to improve my rankings in Google.

Links and social shares work together to improve your Google keyword rankings and improve your traffic – and that’s exactly the two things that this SyndLab tool does FOR you.

We already manually do the all the things that SyndLab does auto-magically – that means it saves me TIME.

That, alone, makes SyndLab a big winner in my book.

When something saves me time by doing the things I already do FASTER and BETTER – yep, that makes me super happy.

But I am tracking the Google rankings of my test urls so I can update this post with my results.

SyndLab Case Study Video

In the video below, Joshua shows you a SyndLab campaign that ranked on Page 1 of Google in only 4 HOURS.

Is SyndLab Worth the Money?

Oh HECK YES SyndLab is worth the price tag!

Especially right now when it’s so stinkin’ CHEAP.

(but naturally, as with all product launches, it’s only cheap for a short time when the doors first open. You can check the current price here.)

How To Make SyndLab Work BETTER

I mentioned in my demo video above something I was doing to help SyndLab work even better for me.

When SyndLab is done running my campaign, I grab all the new urls the campaign made for me on all the different sites and then submit them to this backlink tool.

I just paste all the urls in and click submit, that’s it – and it makes a big difference.

Why? Because Google can’t “count” links it doesn’t know about – you have to help Google FIND those new links.

This tool makes it easy to make sure my SyndLab links are found so they WILL help my blog posts rank better for their keywords.

Is SyndLab Right for YOU?

First off, if you’re not a blogger or trying to rank in Google for your keywords, then no, you don’t need SyndLab.

BUT, if you ARE a blogger and you ARE trying to rank better in Google and get more traffic to your blog posts…

SyndLab will be a BIG time-saver, a rankings booster, and a traffic bringer for you.

I know exactly how I plan to use SyndLab and I am super excited to have SyndLab in my “toolbox”.

Doing all that stuff to promote your blog posts and help them rank better manually is a TIME SUCK, but we HAVE to do them.

(and you ARE doing all those things, right?)

Having an easy-to-use tool that does all that work FOR me makes me very, very happy.

SyndLab gets Two Thumbs Up from me =)

If you’re interested in saving time with your blogging work and want better results in Google…

==>> Hurry and get SyndLab here for the “Early Bird” price while it’s still available.

It is one heck of a deal!

Have fun with it!


How this tool will help your blog posts rank Page 1 of Google for your keywords - just by pushing a button.
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