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How To Pick GOOD Products To Promote as an Amazon Affiliate

Ever since Amazon changed the commission rates for Affiliates, I have been VERY mindful of what type of Amazon products I spend my time promoting as an affiliate.

Let’s take a look at how to pick the best products to promote as an Amazon affiliate when you really want to amp up your earnings.

If you read my Niche Post Conversion Strategies, you probably noticed that my case study niche post promotes products that are more expensive.


Why? Because the price of the products you spend your time promoting really matters now.


For example, these are perfect products to promote as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Affiliates Tips:  How to Pick GOOD Amazon Products to Promote as an Amazon affiliate.The price point is perfect to justify your time and effort, people buy these things like CRAZY,

and not only do they sell ALL year long, you will also get a really nice boost of additional sales during the holidays.

Plus, customers usually buy more stuff that goes with it.

This niche is a winner =)

To pick to REALLY good products to promote as an Amazon affiliate, don’t just pick products based on how much they cost…

Pick more expensive products that are in a top-tier affiliate commission category like these.

That way, you’re promoting high-ticket items in an Amazon category that pays you the highest commission rate!

That’s a DOUBLE win for you when you promote products in this category.


Here’s my thinking:

Why would I do a ton of work on a blog post that only makes me an average of maybe $1 per sale –

when instead:

I can put the same amount of effort into a blog post that makes me $5 a sale… or more.

The number of sales we make each month as an Amazon affiliate does NOT matter anymore as far as our commission rates go.

Once upon a time, the more products we sold as an Amazon affiliate, the higher our affiliate commission rate would be.

That does NOT apply anymore – now, we make what we make – a flat rate commission.

If you’re going to do the work to get traffic to your post and then work to get the click and get the sale, wouldn’t you rather the commission for each sale to be $5 or more instead of only a few cents?

Yep, me too =)


Let’s put it this way:

If you want to earn $50 a day as an Amazon affiliate –

Would you rather make 10 sales to earn that $50?

Or would you rather have to make 50+ sales every single day to have a chance to earn that same $50?

To top that off, If you can make $50 a day just by making 10 Amazon affiliate sales – what would happen if you took a little time to learn how to make MORE sales from that same blog post?

Now we’re talking $100 days – or more =)

How To Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings (free pdf ebook)



The way I do my Niche Posts, I have a goal for each individual Niche Post to earn me only $16.44 a day.


That’s it.


Why $16.44?

Because if that ONE Niche Post earns me $16.44 a day – that is $500 a month (from ONE blog post).

If I have only 5 individual Niche Posts online that each earn me $16.44 a day (or $500 a month each), well now I’m looking at $2500 a month as an Amazon affiliate – from only five blog posts.

Simple math, simple and CLEAR goals.

Just ONE of my Niche Posts surpassed its “job” of earning me $16.44 a day right away the other day.

First 3 sales of the day – boom, boom, boom – that ONE blog post put almost $17 in my pocket…. and it was still morning.


Picking Amazon Products To Promote

If you’re wanting to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings, pick products that are more expensive.

It’s really as simple as that.

When picking these more expensive products, really LOOK and READ the reviews of said products – be sure you are picking products that are actually GOOD products.

Also, when looking at the product reviews on Amazon, look and see how OFTEN people are leaving reviews.

If you look at my screenshot for the most recent reviews for this product on Amazon, you can tell that not only are people buying it like crazy, they LOVE it.

Heck, that’s 5 reviews in less than an hour!

These types of Amazon products get activity like that, too.

It’s really kinda nuts – but it’s a VERY good sign of GOOD products to promote as an Amazon affiliate.

And I’d guess that something like 1 in 10 buyers actually takes the time to leave a review? Maybe a little more?

Meaning: for every review, that’s probably equal to 9 or 10 recent sales of that “thing”, wouldn’t you agree?


Now, I do what I call “Niche Posts” – I’m not all that into Niche SITES that much anymore (I get bored blogging about the same thing over and over)


Between very limited time in doing my Amazon affiliate blogging and my very limited attention span to the same thing over and over and OVER – niche POSTS work much better for me.

However, that’s just me – perhaps you prefer to do Niche BLOGS.

If you have a Niche Blog, make your “cornerstone” content be what I call my UBG Niche Posts that help your readers pick the best and more-expensive products in your niche.

“…that HELPS your readers” (that is key)

Then, use all your OTHER content to help drive traffic to the UBG Niche Post.


Why More Expensive Products?

Not only is the commission better for YOU when you promote more expensive products as an Amazon affiliate, also consider this:

The more expensive a product is, the more info people look for online to help them decide WHICH “thing” to buy.


If people already KNOW what they want to buy – they just go directly to Amazon.

If people are not SURE about which “thing” to buy – they go to GOOGLE.

If your blog post offers genuine help AND you know how to convert that traffic to sales– everyone wins =)


Every single day I look at blog posts from other affiliates and I think to myself,

“Wow, if they’d only work that keyword a little better, they’d get a LOT more traffic!”


“Wow, if they would only do x, y, and z on that post, they’d make a LOT more sales!”

Plus, people regularly reach out and ASK ME how they can get their blog posts to make more sales.


If you feel like your blog posts could make MORE affiliate sales…
You’re probably RIGHT!

Here are 13 easy ways I increase my blog post earnings.


Also, don’t forget to take a look at these high-ticket Amazon products


They are a perfect example of GOOD products to promote as an Amazon affiliate.

If you want to promote great high-ticket Amazon products that pay you the highest commission… pick products from this category.


Here are pre-written blog posts and Amazon product reviews you can use.

Have fun with your improved earnings!





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