Taking It To the Next Level – Part 3

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Whether you’re still trying to make your first sale online – or get random sporadic sales to a consistent full-time income, there are some important things you should know.  Today I have a great post from someone I respect very much who is going to share 2 tips to get you to that next level.

The other day, an email came through my inbox from another marketer.  It was a “list” email (yes, I’m on lots of lists too).  The email was so good that I turned right around, contacted the marketer, and asked him if I could use that email (or a version of it) as a guest post here at PotPieGirl.com.

He said yes!

I’d like everyone to meet Andrew Hansen.  To me, he is one the most solid teachers of internet marketing skills out there these days.  His training is exceptional and has made big changes in the lives of his students.  You can check his training out here (will open in a new window).

Besides being awesome at what he does, Andrew is also an all-around awesome person.  Oh, and Andrew just got married!  Congrats to both of you, Andrew!

I’ll let Andrew take it from here….


2 Secrets To His First 4-Figure Day

Last week I did a little interview via skype with one of the most successful “students” we’ve ever had with our methods.

Some of you might have seen this guy DK Fynn around the place… in our forums, on our sales letters as a testimonial, or on the blog. The last 12 months he and his affiliate business have gone strength to strength and recently he informed me that he had his first 4 figure day through affiliate sales.

I wanted to talk to him about what he did differently to everyone else, and how he created his success in such a short time.

I’m going to share the recording with {Unstoppable Affiliate members} in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to quickly talk about two things he said that really stuck with me. They’re two things I think everyone needs to employ if they want to achieve big income with affiliate marketing this year or ever.

The first thing was this…

When you’re getting started in this business, one of the most important hurdles to cross is getting that first sale, or first successful site. Once you’ve gotten that success, you develop a certain confidence that nothing else can give you. You develop a new “belief” that this is possible for you, and all you need to do is more of what you’ve already done.

For this reason, DK recommends that if you haven’t made a sale yet, or haven’t made sales consistently, you pick a niche or affiliate offer that you know has lower potential (lower search volume perhaps), but that has MUCH lower competition; Something that’s easy… not something that will make you a fortune, but something that will get you on the board.

The truth is, if you’re going for that home run swing as soon as you step out onto the plate for your first game, you might be doing yourself a disservice. To keep with the analogy: if you’re just starting out, a bunt that gets you to first base could be the best thing you ever do for your career online. You get that confidence, you realize that it’s not impossible, and the rest is only doing more of what you’ve already done.

Makes sense? Consider giving it a shot if that’s you. Even if you end up with a site that makes you $30 a month: Would that be the worst thing in the world? (Hint: NO). You’d have your first seeds of income AND the belief in yourself to build a 6 figure business from that point on. Cool, right?

The second thing was this…

In this affiliate business there’s a reality that doesn’t change.

You’re going to try sites, campaigns, products that flat out… don’t work.

If you try 5 sites, you might have one winner (like a $3k a month earner), one that makes a few hundred a month, and 3 duds. Gradually with experience you’ll lower that rate, but no matter how good you get at this, you’ll never have every campaign or site you start be profitable. And you don’t need to, to make incredible money!

But what DK pointed out is this…

You’ll do better at this process when each of your attempts (successful or not) feed SOMETHING into your subsequent attempts. So if one site doesn’t work out, let it pass something on to your next sites.
That something can be:


  • – The knowledge of exactly why it failed, that causes an adjustment in strategy on future attempts.
  • – A physical profit from a failed site, that can come from selling it, or monetizing differently.
  • – An asset from the failure – a web property that you keep, let age, and use for link building purposes.

There are many more options in this category (like using at least one authority site so that if one thing you’re trying to promote fails, you’ve still got that domain with backlinks and authority that will make promoting future products easier) but this point is vital to your long term success.

If you or your business can grow with each attempt – success or failure – the speed of your success multiplies; and the effort that it takes decreases. Doing this one thing religiously could change the entire way you do affiliate marketing.

I’ll leave it there for today but I encourage you to stop a moment and think about these two things. Think about them, then decide how you’ll put them into place in your own efforts. Remember winning isn’t about knowing, it’s about acting.

Andrew Hansen has been affiliate marketing successfully since 2006 and teaches his affiliate marketing model at UnstoppableAffiliate.com. He’s a huge fan of PotPieGirl, he’s honored to share thoughts at this blog, and he hopes you got a lot of value from reading today 🙂


Thank you, Andrew!!

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