The Frustration Of The Unknown

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Learning Curves – Ugh!!!

Ohhhhhhh… it’s so good to be “home” again. Right here in the living room of! I’ve been out of town and came home to sites that crashed and a big whopping need for new servers. Yipppeee…. another learning curve! (feel free to read all the sarcasm you want into that statement…lol). Learning curves ARE frustrating, aren’t they? Whether you’re brand new to all this….or learning something new about it… there are times you’d like to bang your head against a wall, right?

Oh, I can SO relate!

Thank You, HostGator

First off, a big thank you to HostGator. I sure was in a mess this week. Got the mumbo-jumbo email from HostGator saying something about database and bandwidth and some other stuff that was like Greek to me. Thankfully, I had the most wonderful customer service rep helping me. He slowed down and spoke in very simple terms and together we got the whole mess straightened out. Now, I have about 40 of my sites on bigger, better, rockin’ servers! Sweet!

The whole process reminded me so much of how I felt when I first learning all this “make money online” mess. THAT was all Greek to me then, too. But slowly, I learned to speak the language. With my server issues, I just needed someone – just ONE person to speak slowly, tell me “do this” and then “do that” and “don’t worry WHY…just do it!” (I’m a VERY curious person… I ask “why”a lot….lol)

The help I received from the HostGator rep was priceless. I did what I was told and yup, it all worked out. Now, I know =)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… if you want a high-quality, kickass hosting company – get HostGator! None other compare…and who else gives you your first month of hosting for one PENNY?

Things That Make Me Smile

While I was in the midst of my own learning curve, I received the nicest private message over at Wealthy Affiliate. At this particular moment it was SO wonderful to hear that *I* was that ONE person who was helping someone tackle their own learning curve.

I’d like to share that message with you (thank you to my new WA friend who so graciously granted me permission to do it!)

I’m tellin’ ya, with all the GREAT emails and messages I get about One Week Marketing, I should’ve just let y’all write the sales page! Your words are WAY better than mine!

Here’s the message:

“Good afternoon, PotPieGirl!

I just finished reading your One Week Marketing package, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating such a phenomenal product!

I joined Wealthy Affiliates a couple of weeks ago, and whereas the wealth of information and resources on the site and forum are awesome, that’s exactly what it did — it AWED me. It’s so broad based and has so many avenues to pursue, I needed a more focused approach. I’m the type of guy that suffers from Analysis Paralysis, and after three weeks of trying to cram every iota of information I could into my poor, overworked brain, I realized that I hadn’t actually DONE anything. What I needed was someone to take my hand and say, “OK, do this first. Right. Now do this. Good. Then this, then . . . ” I needed someone to kick me in the shins and say, “Don’t wait until you know everything, just trust me and do this, and I’ll explain why as we go along.” And your program does just that.

As much as I love the guide book, it’s the Conversation with Nick that makes the whole package come alive. If I believed in coincidence, I would say he’s the luckiest guy in the world to connect with you, but I know that was no accident. It was for the purpose of positively impacting everyone who comes in contact with the result.

I especially appreciate the checklists. I’m definitely a checklist kind of guy, and it will help me with putting one foot in front of the other, instead of trying to run and cartwheel at the same time from the beginning.

So, I’m going to start using my Squidoo account today, and look forward to a successful career as an IM’er. 😀 If I’m being honest, I don’t think you charge enough for the OWM package, although I appreciate the affordable price because I don’t really have any money to invest in getting started. I got downsized two years ago and my income was cut in half, and now my wife and I both have to work full-time just to make ends meet. I feel bad for her, because I know she would rather spend time with our five grandchildren, but I know if I apply myself diligently to all the information in your program, I’ll be able to replace her income eventually. So that’s my “Why?” for internet marketing — I want to retire my wife, and now I feel like I have the tools I need to make that happen.

You have my gratitude, because you’ve “taught a man to fish” with your excellent program, and I hope you don’t mind if down the road I let you know how I made out.

Thanks again, and have a terrific day!”

No, no, no…. thank YOU! You have MY gratitude!

Back To Work

I have busied myself while my sites were down by reading some AWESOME products that are available now. I’ll be reviewing them for y’all as time goes by.

Just a mention, too – If there is a new product online that you are curious about, ask me. I try and read as many of them as I can. If enough folks ask about it, I will do a full-blown review right here.

I have also been working out a sweet little deal for One Week Marketing followers. Folks always think there is a “secret” to me being able to crank out my campaigns so quickly…. and they’re right 😉

I’m about to let a few lucky OWM’rs in on that secret! If you own OWM, keep an eye on your email because it will be a very limited opportunity.

So, it’s back to work for me. Glad to be back at my blog and ready to crank out some new projects following my recent reviewed material. The stuff I have read recently is that good =)

I’ve missed y’all and I am really glad to be back!

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