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My teenage daughter and I were driving down a road last night in our small town. It was drizzling lightly as we came to a railroad crossing. My daughter is one neat person. She makes me laugh, she makes me think – she and her brother are also trying to make me pre-maturely grey, too!

As we were crossing the railroad tracks in the light rain, my daughter turned to me and said,

“Mom, have you ever noticed a train in the rain?”

Until that moment, I had never even thought about trains in the rain – and oddly, I couldn’t remember ever seeing one. Leave it to my awesome daughter to bring that to my attention.

This morning as we were driving to school, it again was raining. Guess what we saw?

Yup – a train in the rain. I never would have paid any attention to it except that someone tweaked my brain and brought it to my attention. For the rest of my life, I have no doubt that seeing a train in the rain will remind me of that simple, and wonderful exchange between my daughter and I.

Once upon a time not too many months ago, someone said to me,

“Have you ever heard of internet marketing?”

This question was followed by words like, “Clickbank” and “affiliate links” and “HTML” and “anchor text” and a whole list of things that I had never paid any attention to.

Trains in the rain.

Now, I know about those things. I went looking for those trains in the rain.

I’ve gotten comfortable believing that my business was a totally online business, until the day someone in the “real world” noticed what I was doing – and hired me. Nowadays, no matter where I go and the subject of “what do you do for a living” comes up and I am approached to do work for them, too, I realize that my business in NOT all online.

I am my business – online is one of the mediums I use to market myself, my services, and products.

Another “train in the rain” came roaring past me just 48 hours ago. A free little report called, “The Im Myth” was presented to me and I got all caught up in the opportunity to refer others to this report… and make a buck.

I couldn’t wait to share with all of you this same opportunity. As I said before, how many times do you get an opportunity to get paid to help someone build their list – and at NO COST to the customer?

Anyway, I downloaded the report right at midnight as it was available and scanned through it to make sure it wasn’t crap. (I don’t like promoting crap). Then I busted my tail to get the word out to my readers and my wonderful friends/contacts on my list. I wanted everyone to have the same opportunity to make some good extra money by giving away a high-quality report.

Well, I was fast. My email went out before I received the promotional email from the author himself. Do I get a gold star for that? =)

After all my work was done, I went back and really read The Im Myth.

Folks – it’s really good. Another “train in the rain” for me, thats for sure. Russell talks about your business and how your “online business” is really not only online. He opened my eyes, made me think – and made me laugh a little, too. you should see the picture of him with his junk mail collection. Yes, he collects junk mail.

Thing is, there are things within The Im Myth that I’m not ready for business-wise…but I’m getting there. Russell pointed out a few “trains in the rain” to me and I now have the vision to see where I want my business to go.

My business, not just my online efforts.

Thank you, Russell, for expanding my vision and allowing me to see inside a business that IS where I want to be someday. Oh, and thanks for the really great ideas, too. Amazing what people will give away for free, isn’t it?

Regardless of what stage your internet marketing career is currently at, I recommend taking a read thru The Im Myth. Expand your vision, learn a few new tricks, and see the inside of success in this crazy “little” business.

Oh, and if you refer others to read this – Russell will pay you $1 for each person that signs up through your link. Oh, and wait…there’s more.

Russell will also pay you 50 cents for each person your referrals send to read the report, too.

In the first 48 hours, Russell already owes $24,704 to us affiliates. Don’t worry, he’s good for it…haha!

You have from now until October 8th to share The Im Myth with others. Russell will pay you through Paypal on October 31st.

It’s a win/win situation, folks… and another train in the rain.

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