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Yes, you read the title right.  I am about to send you to a report you can promote all over the internet and get paid $1 for each time someone simply signs up.

Like that?  I know I sure do.

I love getting presents and this is a GIFT!

But, wait… there’s more.

You get that $1 per each free report YOU give away AND 50 cents for each report that your referrals give away.

Now THAT’S sweeeeeet!

C’mon, how many marketers are gonna pay you to build their list?


So, let’s do some really simple and really realistic math.

If Marketer Mark gives away 10 reports – thats an easy $10 in his paypal account, right?

And what if each of those 10 people give away only 5 of the free reports?

10 times 5 = 50 free reports

50 x 50 cents = $25.00

For simply giving away 10 free reports, Marketer Mark would end up with $35 in his paypal account.

For what?

This is the kind of internet marketing I like !  =)

Know what the best part is?

The report is really, really good, too.

So, refer others to a really, really good free report and make a buck each.  Then, make another 50 cents off of the ones my referrals refer.

THEN…. Get a nice payment into my paypal account on Halloween!  (payout is October 31st)

Can you say “Trick or Treat”!?!?!

The report is now officially released.  It just went live at midnight.

You have from now, October 3rd until October 9th ONLY to take advantage of this free, fun, sweet, cool, neat-o, snazzy money-making opportunity!

Ready?  Set????


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