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Is Internet Marketing Secure? –

In the last two days, I have read some really great comments and insights here on PotPieGirl.com. I wish I had enough time to respond to each one individually, but I can’t seem to squeeze a few more hours in a day no matter WHAT I try…lol. However, there was one comment that came thru not too long ago that hit me hard and made me realize that it’s time for us to have a talk about the uncertainty factor in internet marketing. Are we safe? Is our work secure? Is internet marketing a smart thing to do in such uncertain times?

The Comment That Inspired Me

Meet EuroSquid (Gene). Gene does many things online including Squidoo and running the Valley of the Giants blog (good reading there by the way).

As I was approving comments for this blog today, a comment came through from EuroSquid that made me stop and think. Heck, I almost forgot to hit the “approve” button…lol!

I’d like to repeat his comment here….and then let’s talk about this.

EuroSquid Said:


I am delighted that it worked out so well for you and pleased that both Seth and Megan contacted you. I liked the way that they handled it and take my hat off to both of them.

But the whole thing has left me feeling uneasy. I love Squidoo ALOT. Squidoo is often my break in the day when I want to escape from work and be creative. But I really feel uncomfortable knowing that I could wake up one morning and a computer glitch has closed down my account and my many hundreds of hours of work are potentially gone. I wonder if I would get the same kind of response as you? It is kind of discouraging.

Gene, you have brought something up that I bet is on many, many minds right now – thank you.

Is It Safe To Work On Squidoo?

Yes, of course it is safe to continue to work on Squidoo. As I’ve always said, be careful how much time and energy you devote to building a site that belongs to someone else, and I stand by that. Thing is, there are many, many of you reading that are not at the right place to be creating your OWN sites (yet πŸ™‚ ). So, like I did, you are starting out with the help of free-to-use sites like Squidoo and others like it.

Are You Wasting Your Time?

With all the recent events, I imagine we are all feeling a little uncertain about how safe our content is. I mean, seriously, one click and POOF, it’s all gone – yikes!

But ya know what, y’all? That is not the big issue here. Squidoo is not our worry. No matter what we do online, that POOF, It’s Gone fear remains.

Know what MY biggest fear/worst professional nightmare is these days? That I wake up one morning and the internet is closed and shut down.

Let me tell you, this is enough to put cold chills down my spine! Why? Because I am addicted to YouTube videos? Oh heck no! This frightens me because this internet has been the tool I used to change my life.

I’m not exactly sure how I would “make money online” if there was no longer an “online”…lol!

But that is my fear – not something any of us see happening at any time in the near future. But the thought of this brings up all those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

Let’s face it – in times like these, with the economy tumbling… with friends and loved ones losing jobs and even homes… these are VERY uncertain times.

Should We Be Trying To Make Money Online During Uncertain Times?

I think this is the bigger question – the root of the feelings we are experiencing. Can we really find security and certainty online? Can we trust it?

I think we all have a story from someone close to us that goes something like this:

“I worked for them for years… all was great. Then one day, I walked in the office and got laid off. All of a sudden, all my security was gone”

Know what? I have my OWN story like that. Know what I learned?

I never had security in the first place. Sure, I had those false feelings of “as long as I work hard and try hard, I feel certain I will have this job for as long as I want it”.

It’s all BS – especially NOW.

Now, let me give you another story I have:

“I opened my email and found out NINE of my Squidoo accounts were terminated! Yes, I was annoyed and aggravated and concerned…. but my security was not gone. I had plenty of other things working for me and I didn’t feel uncertain about my financial future.”

The only certainty you get in life is the certainty you create for yourself.

You all would flip if I listed out ALLLLLLL the various income streams I have created online in the almost exactly two years I’ve been doing this. At times it is so “bad” that I see a sale come thru or a check in the mail and I realize I haven’t even THOUGHT about that project in months. I got a check the other day. When I opened it up my hubby asked me what it was for. That check was for an online project I worked on over 18 months ago….and I haven’t TOUCHED since.

I’m not saying this to brag. Yes, I am proud of myself… I worked hard, but that is not the point. The point is this:

Do not count on any ONE to give you certainty – create your OWN certainty.

There is no such thing as security if it is coming from one source that you have no control over. Sadly, the reality in all of life is that we have very little real control over anything other than our own actions and behaviors.

The person who signs your paycheck also has the ability to stop that check without any notice. The person who owns that site you use has the ability to delete your work without any notice, too.

Don’t look toward Squidoo or HubPages or EzineArticles or even your own hosting company to be secure for you – or to even be FAIR to you.

Empowering YOURSELF

I don’t want to come across as bitter or cynical in all this because I most definitely am NOT. The day I realized all this is the day I empowered myself to create my OWN security and my OWN certainty. I then went to work and did as much as I could using free methods and diversified and then invested some of the money I earned into creating my own sites…and on and on and on.

I now have the security of knowing that if Squidoo shuts down, I still have income coming in. If a couple of my sites go down (and this has happened too – while I was out of town… ack!), I still have income coming in.

I feel it is perfectly acceptable for me to have this talk with each of you. Why? First off, I’ve SOOOOO been there. I also know the steps to get to here… where I am now…and where I am going from here.

I want to empower as many of you as possible to come with me and create your own certainty.

Thanks for listening!

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