Weirdness in the Google Search Results

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So today I was searching on Google when I suddenly got a very strange search result page. I feel I was in a “sandbox” testing ground (read how Google Makes Algo Changes for more explanation on that), but I’m telling ya – if this weird search result page I saw is any sign of what’s to come – well, it’s not gonna be good. Let me show you a screenshot of what I saw – and you tell ME what YOU think about it.

Ready for this?

Take a look:

Do YOU see what I saw?

Yes only EIGHT natural organic results (ie, the free results)… and ELEVEN AdWords PPC ads (ie, the stuff that makes Google money).

What happened to TEN organic results?

We have all watched as Google has slowly moved the organic rankings further and further down a results page and we dealt with Google-owned properties getting great rankings, but now they are testing LESS organic results for a search result?

Sooooo….is Google headed towards becoming a completely PAID index someday?

Kind of a crazy thought, isn’t it? ….but is it?

That’s a little scary. What do you think?

Now just to note: I have not been able to recreate this search result any time I’ve tried – that’s why I feel it was me being diverted to the Google Sandbox testing index that one time.

In other news…

I have added a “Tools” page here to If you look all the way at the top, you will now see a link to the tools page.

On the tools page I have 2 free-to-use tools that you are free to use whenever you want to. If you like them and find them useful, please share that page with others – I’d really appreciate it.

There is also code to use in case you’d like to embed either/or of the tools on your own site for your use and for your readers.

That’s it from me –

Have a great day!

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