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I get asked this all the time. How do I really make money online? What is my system? What are my secrets? I get asked this so much that I have been keeping a notepad next to me noting the various things I do each day. Yes, I make money from Squidoo, and I make some money from Associated Content. I also get checks from Clickbank, and Commission Junction….and I’m loving my AdSense checks lately =)

My Online Money Making System

I have 35+ niche websites, too. Not sure I’ve talked about that much on this blog, but I crank out little money-making web sites like crazy. I don’t do much of email/list marketing…and I don’t do PPC (pay per click) advertising. I’m also not one that tends to go out and buy the ‘latest and greatest’ guru system, either.

But something happened today.

You see, I have this list next to me of all the things I do, and use, to make money online. I even have a brief outline of the system I use. It’s a system that works for me and is a cumulation of other systems and online business tips I’ve read and observed. It is also the result of a LOT of testing…lots and lots of

Is it a secret? I don’t think so, however I’ve never seen it marketed before.

Until today.

Today, in my online wanderings, I came across a sales page. As I read what the product offered I just KNEW what was inside the ebook.

You guessed it… “my” system!

So, I bought it. I had to!

And there it was, in 100+ pages of black and white…. “my” system. But….

It was BETTER than my system.

Heck, I took notes and the ebook is still open on my computer. There is so much really good information in it that I want to read it again. There were some things that author mentioned that I had never heard of…and I’ve already busted to each site to sign up and utilize them.

My Secret Weapon EXPOSED!

Worst yet, this ebook also went on to spill the beans on a tool I use that has REALLY helped me in many ways. I’ve only mentioned it ONCE on this blog, and in a very subtle way, knowing those that really had imagination would SEE how incredible that one multi-faceted tool is. And there it was, just one small detail in this very detailed ebook…for everyone, and ANYone to see.

Know what is even worse? This ebook is NOT by some ‘guru’… it’s by an average guy that is making it online. Someone who learned the hard way how to do it the right way…..someone like me. And honey, I am FAR from a guru!

This ebook is about WordPress sites and blogs. It is a complete system from installing WordPress to many, many ways to generate traffic and create buzz…and make money in a way that is easily dupicable. None of his methods have to cost you anything more than a domain name and hosting. No PPC….nothing like that.

Smart man….. He reminds me of someone…. haha!

Worst part of all this is… I paid money for an ebook and I really, really liked it. Curses!

WordPress is a very, very powerful platform for making money online. Not only that, it is VERY easy to use and can be used for many purposes…not just the old ‘day in the life’ type blogs, but real live niche web sites. Heck, he used this WordPress system to make a bunch of money off a TWO PAGE niche site!

And I believe him.

How to Really Make Good Money Online

Whether you are just starting to think about incorporating niche sites into your online marketing efforts, or have been doing it for some time, you will get a lot out of this system. Those that are new to WordPress or those that might be intimidated by the whole concept of it, will really appreciate the fully detailed explanation of using WordPress, installing WordPress, and all the cool plug-ins that can be used with it.

But that is just the beginning. This ebook goes on to give a complete, detailed system for not only WHAT to do, but exactly HOW to do it.

There’s no unanswered questions, there’s no up-sell or push of other products. It is simply solid information for a method that really, really works.

You want to know how I REALLY make money online? Read this WordPress book. It’s all right there.

If you’re like me, you’ll hate that you love it.

Already Have a WordPress Niche Blogging System?

You will LOVE this WordPress Plugin!

If, by chance, you are already making money through the power of WordPress blogs, then most likely, you have MANY WordPress blogs. For those more experienced with this niche blogging system, I highly recommend this WordPress PlugIn. It is AMAZING. Just imagine having endless unique versions of the content on your blog… all at the touch of a button… You could use one version to promote your niche blog on Squidoo, and then have as many unique versions as you’d ever need for article marketing…or to put on other blogs….. you get my drift =)

Not only that, but when used properly, this WordPress PlugIn totally removes any chance of your content getting booted to the duplicate content filter and ends the chance of anyone else scraping or hijacking your content and outranking you.

Check it out here…and be sure to take it for a test drive. It’s amazing!

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