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Affiliate marketing on Squidoo has gotten to be a tough business. With about half a million Squidoo pages (lenses) now and 239,270 Squidoo lensmasters (as of this writing), the popularity, the power, and the profit potential of Squidoo is becoming quite lucrative AND competitive. Also, many lensmasters have been around for quite some time, and reality is – you need to know what THEY know in order to compete. I reviewed a wonderful and effective Squidoo ebook tonight… and it knocked my socks off!


Yup, I completely agree, a name like “Squidoo Cash Machine” is VERY ‘hypey’ and a bit of a put-off. I’ve been keeping an eye on this Squidoo guide for awhile. The salespage has some things on it that caused concern for me. In my opinion, Squidoo is not a “trick” or a “secret”…and it is certainly not a money-making scheme. With statements like:

” With around 300 to 500 new members joining Squidoo each and every day, and creating a lens each (sometimes many more), the community is vast.

But 90% of those lenses are very ineffective, compared to the other 10%.

Still Only half of the effective ones are set up to make any real money…

However, as a lens creator myself, I am more than happy to see poorly built lenses…

Because they are so easy to leech traffic from!

(And those lensmasters have no idea that I am taking their traffic,

and cannot see how I do it!”

I got a bit concerned that this was going to be just another ‘magic miracle’ Squidoo system… that doesn’t work.

Quite frankly, I also don’t want to hear about “leeching” other lensmasters traffic. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right, ya know?

But, I kept reading….and the author offers some very good points, too.

” You have the choice…

You can not bother using Squidoo as part of your affiliate marketing efforts and leave a ton of cash on the table for all the other smart lensmasters.

You can hire someone to create a professional lens which can cost up to $250 per lens. Hard to believe? Well it’s true and some lensmasters know the true value of a well crafted lens…

…Or you can grab this book and learn the secrets of these lensmasters that charge $250 per lens they are hired to create!”

Hmmmmm….. not only a VERY good point, but also a cause for concern for me. *I* am one of those lensmasters that knows the true value of a well-crafted lens. While I don’t charge $250 per lens, I DO make custom lenses for clients. I also have my own Squidoo ebook/guide on the market….

“Rut -Roh”, I said to myself, “I better keep an eye on this one”.

And so, I did.

A Better Guide To Making Money With Squidoo

Today, this ebook at was released. I was probably one of the very first buyers at official launch time…haha!

Wait, did I say I bought it? Why not just ask for a review copy? Yes, I did buy it. No, I did not ask for a review copy. Why??? Two reasons why I buy products like this:

  • 1. This product is directly in my market. I want to be able to review a product like this from the view of a consumer – someone who has actually PAID for the information. If I turn around and recommend this product to YOU, you can feel damn positive that I paid for it, too.
  • 2. Asking for a review copy can sometimes insinuate an obligation for a positive review. I don’t want my review clouded by even the thought that someone asked me to do this, or I felt obligated to do it. This is my flat-out opinion…..and I don’t do reviews like this often here at

All that said, here is what I think.

My Review of

Holy Squidoo Guides, Batman!

While the salespage was a bit on the hypey/dark side… the ebook itself is wonderful! And this is a BIG ebook on Squidoo… 150+ pages. (Yes, I read the whole darn thing… even the beginner stuff). And folks, this ain’t no fluffy ebook, either. This is complete and solid information. And it is CURRENT information.

When you first start reading, you will be reading about more advanced Squidoo tactics, things SO many lensmasters over-look. Things like why affiliate marketing lenses should be set up a bit different – and how to do just that. Information on Bum Marketing and Squidoo…. long-tail keywords and their power on Squidoo… traffic information…. How to make a profitable product review lens…Using Squidoo the right way to promote your sites and your own products…. How to use Squidoo to create a product or ecourse…and more, more, more!

What About Squidoo Newbies?

Wait, what if you are new to Squidoo? Is this appropriate for you? Yes, it certainly is! The last 30 pages or so are dedicated to those that need to learn Squidoo from the beginning (ie, what is a lens, how to make a lens step by step, where to find certain modules and how to use them, etc, etc). There is also a good-sized section on Squidoo HTML tricks (ie, how to pretty up your lens), and great ideas for getting your images to work for you and look good… where to use your images…and all that good stuff.

You also get to learn how to use all the different types of Squidoo pages like SquidWho, Ever, Hey MonkeyBrain, SquidVids, SquidBids (eBay sellers will love this part), SquidZipper, SquidLit….and on and on. Even has instructions for Squidoo pages that aren’t even available yet!

There is even a handy-dandy little checklist you can use for each lens you create. I’m tellin’ ya – this Squidoo guide is jam-packed!

Ok, but what if you know all the basics and feel like you know all that advanced stuff? First, one question – are you making good money from your Squidoo lenses? If not, you should read SquidooCashMachine. If you ARE making good money with Squidoo – CONGRATS! But guess what? I am, too… and the rest of the ebook was filled with cool tricks and tips to do even better.

Funny How Things Happen!

Ironically, this ebook was released at a odd time for me. I have been involved in an email exchange with someone who bought my Squidoo Profit System – and was disappointed. This has never happened before – ever! Anyone reading that knows me at all KNOWS that this drove me crazy. I had to know WHY this customer was dissatisfied. So, I asked.

Turns out the customer was already using Squidoo. He already knew the basics, but was looking for ‘meat’. He wanted some good tricks and tips to help improve his lensrank and the over-all profit potential of his lenses. He felt quite comfortable believing *I* knew those tips and tricks and was hoping to find them in Squidoo Profit System.

I was so thankful for his thoughtful insight and response (and told him so). ALL feedback is valuable in my oh-so humble opinion!

I explained that SPS is geared towards beginners and a lot of those ‘tips and tricks’ could be just too much for most of those that are new to Squidoo. Besides, would I really give away that kind of information for $6.97? Uh, sorry, I AM nice – sometimes TOO nice – but I’m not THAT nice! hahaha!

However, I also explained to this customer that I HAVE been toying with the idea of creating a more advanced Squidoo guide. Reality is, the Squidoo site is getting pretty darn competitive – my readers need an edge and I have the information they need.

As I was tossing the idea around this afternoon, Squidoo Cash Machine was released – and with it, I was released of my need to write an advanced Squidoo guide =)

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tactics For Squidoo

The advanced tactics in this Squidoo ebook are good – really good. There is no hand-holding and fluff in it, either. Lord knows, if the author had expanded and fluffed up each tactic, that ebook would be 500 pages long!

There is nothing ‘sneaky’ or ‘wrong’ about these tactics, either. The author makes it perfectly clear over and over again to NOT spam Squidoo and to NOT make trash lenses. He also states that by teaching others to make more profitable and more traffic-ed lenses, that the entire site will do better (ie, HE will do better, too).

Did *I* Learn Anything From This Squidoo eBook?

So, I’m sure the big question is, “PotPieGirl, did YOU learn anything from Squidoo Cash Machine???”

Yes, I did. There were quite a few tactics that I read and said, “Ah, Good Idea!” outloud to myself (I claimed I was talking to the cat, but fact is – I was talking to myself…again…lol).

There are about 5 or so things right now off the top of my head that I wish the author would add. None are MAJOR things, but they can pretty important and also quite helpful. I suppose I COULD email the author and give my unasked for two cents, but I’d rather pass that information on to my readers.

So, if you purchase Squidoo Cash Machine from me, just go to the contact form up there at the top, choose ‘Squidoo” as your subject and drop me an email. Be sure to send me your first and last name so I can check my records and I will send my additional tips on to you personally. Fair enough?

All in all, I was very impressed. I think Squidoo Cash Machine is a very comprehensive and up-to-date Squidoo guide that will give you loads of great ideas on how to make your Squidoo lenses do very well.

As I always say, if you have no intention of doing anything with this ebook than please do NOT buy it. The tactics and info in this ebook WILL work and DO work – but only if you DO them. Sadly, there is no personal assistant included in this package that will do the work FOR you (yeah, upset me, too… I really could use one of those personal assistant things!)

Wait, did I say package? Yes, I did! Also included are a couple files of many, many cool graphics and banners that are designed for use on a Squidoo lens. I have glanced through them and there are quite a few I am going to use on my lenses. Was a very nice ‘gift’ from the author.

Take a peek and see what you think. Hopefully my review will give you a little insight on what to expect on the inside of this guide and will relieve your fear that this is bad information or a bunch of hype.

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