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The other day I did a review of SquidooCashMachine.com. In a bit different fashion from all the others, I’d like to now share with you what happened after USING the system in SquidooCashMachine.com. Yes, I not only bought it and read it…. I am USING it. Information is good – BUT, RESULTS are what we are all looking for, right? Right! Read on to see the results I have enjoyed since following this ebook.

Squidoo Project Background

I had two lenses on my main account that were created earlier this month. They were what I call “test lenses” where I have an idea and make a lens to test the waters. As most of you know, I was on vacation for 10 days, but when I came back I noticed that these lenses were doing fairly well traffic-wise and had made a few sales. I was trying to decide what to do next with them when I read Squidoo Cash Machine and decided to use these lenses as my ‘guinea pig’ lenses to test the system out.

If I’m gonna talk the talk, I better be able to walk the walk, right?

SquidooCashMachine.com Test Lenses

I decided to take those two existing lenses and move them to a new Squidoo account. I did this on 7/22 (4 days ago). I made 6 more lenses on the same topic and followed the system.


  • I did NOT use PPC or any form of paid advertising to get traffic to my lenses
  • I did NOT use social bookmarking tricks, article marketing, or any other type of advertising for these lenses, either. The traffic these lenses get are purely organic and from each other.
  • There is NOT a niche site attached to these lenses.
  • The lenses give info and promote a single Clickbank product.
  • The product is NOT a ‘make money online’ type product in any way.

Squidoo Cash Machine Results

BEFORE – Squidoo Cash Machine –

From 7/12 thru 7/21 the two original lenses made 4 sales. That is 4 sales in 2 weeks time. I was averaging 62.75 hops (clicks) per sale. The original two lenses sold about half a product per day.

AFTER – Squidoo Cash Machine –

From 7/22 to 7/25 (yesterday) the lenses made THREE sales. That is 3 sales in FOUR DAYS time. Those sales averaged 43.67 hops (or clicks) per sale. The new lens system has sold just about one product per day.

Can I quit my day job now? Uh, no. (Wait, this IS my day job….haha!) Are these good results and worth doing again and again? Heck yeah! These changes happened in FOUR DAYS. That is from creating the lenses, publishing…all that to sales. Since it took me a day to make the six new lenses, and it took a day to get them in the Squidoo index, I think it is fair to say that these Squidoo Cash Machine lenses have a made a sale per day since being ‘live’.

These Affiliate Marketing Lenses Started Off GREAT!

I’m telling you, these new lenses came out of the gate HOT. ALL lenses were indexed by Google over-night, and all were receiving organic traffic pretty much right away. Its all going so well that I added an 8th lens to the group today!

Having the additional lenses and applying the techniques, I have reduced my hops per sale by almost TWENTY clicks! Twenty click-thrus LESS in order to make a sale works for me… BIGTIME! =)

In summary, it took 2 lenses two weeks to make 4 sales. It took my Squidoo Cash Machine lenses three DAYS to make three sales.

Yup, works for me.

Squidoo System Cost And Time Involved

Cost –

There is not ANY cost required to make this system work for you. However, I like to buy domain names and redirect to Clickbank affiliate links because, well… I hate hoplinks. So my cost was the cost of a domain name – and that was by choice, not by necessity.

As for time –

As I said, I already had two lenses on this broad topic. It took me about 4 hours to make 6 new ones and then do everything needed to get them to work as a whole. I’m sure it will take me less time in the future as I was taking notes and referring back to Squidoo Cash Machine. In fact, I have made more of these since. Yesterday, I made an another entirely new account. This one is totally from scratch (no lenses transferred to start me off). I think there are six lenses on that account and it took me about 3 hours (maybe less, had to run daughter to work in the middle of it all). All THOSE lenses are already indexed by Google, too. OVERNIGHT! I’ll report on those as stats come in.

Traffic To My Squidoo Lenses and Lensrank Details

The 8 lenses on that account have received 550 visits total in the last 7 days (according to my dashboard on Squidoo). The six new lenses are receiving organic traffic and it is increasing nicely. They already rank well for targeted keywords – and when I get around to some off-site promotion, I bet I can get them to rank better. As I said before, I haven’t done anything to promote these lenses – I just made them, thats all! ( For those that bought Squidoo Cash Machine through me and have gotten my Ten Bonus Squidoo Tips — I DID follow my own advice and the techniques I offered there)

Know what is most amazing to me? Ok, SECOND most amazing – the sales impress me most! What amazes me is the LENSRANK of these lenses.

Take a look at this!

Pretty impressive, huh? They are ALL a lensrank of less than 8500! And one is #307 OVER-ALL on Squidoo! Needless to say, I am tickled pink =)

Think about it… If I can spend four hours each day this week making these type of lenses…and each day’s work will result in one sale per day from then on out…. what is the potential here? Big, huh?

If each group of lenses makes an average $25 commission per day…. and I make 7 of these in a week….

7 x $25 = $175 per DAY

$175 per day as a result of 28 hours of work.

That SO works for me! You?

Summary Of Squidoo Cash Machine

First off, this Squidoo guide is for those that are in affiliate marketing. Yes, it could work for pushing traffic to your sites, etc… but this is not about making Lens of The Day type lens-crafted lenses. This is about using Squidoo to effectively and appropriately enhance your affiliate marketing earnings.

If you want to make more money with Clickbank directly from Squidoo lenses…this is a good guide for you. Affiliate marketing is tough…. making money thru affiliate marketing without SPENDING money is even tougher. Squidoo gives you an awesome platform to do that WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY. However, Squidoo has gotten big, and competitive. Those using Squidoo to further their affiliate marketing efforts need an edge on the competition – all there is to it.

This ebook is not the easiest to read. For me, I enjoyed it. I am not someone who wants the literal system someone else uses. I want to hear their techniques and ideas and use my own brain to tweak them to how I want it to work for ME. Sorry, I am a thinker and a tester….not a follower =)

I’ve had some folks tell me that they feel the ebook ‘jumps around a bit’. Fair enough. My recommendation is to just read it thru first. Seriously, don’t worry about what you do or don’t understand….just read. At the end of the book are the chapters dedicated to those totally new to Squidoo and how to make a lens (the basics) is explained. There is also a whole section of HTML coding for Squidoo lenses and a check list for lens making.

However, if you are brand-spanking new to Squidoo, this may not be the best guide to start with unless you have a decent concept of making web pages or blogs. (for example, if you’ve used hubpages, or made a Blogger blog, you will probably be ok with this ebook and appreciate the advanced Squidoo tips).

If you are a Squidoo lensmaster who is not overly-concerned with sales from your lenses then you may not be interested in this guide, either. While this ebook is NOT some ‘get rich quick by spamming Squidoo’ type book (thank GOODNESS!), it is designed with affiliate marketers in mind. (just for the record, you will NOT be taught how to make ‘crap’ lenses. The author, Karl, goes to great lengths to explain, and RE-explain, how making crap lenses does NOT work).

As I mentioned earlier, if you get Squidoo Cash Machine thru me, just send me an email via my contact form up top, tell me your name and I will send you my Ten Bonus Squidoo Tips. These are my ‘secret tips’ ..heehee…I can be ‘hypey’ too…. and I have received WONDERFUL feedback from all that have received these additional Squidoo tips.

While the info page for this Squidoo marketing guide is a little on the ‘hypey’ side… the content is really good. Those in affiliate marketing will benefit from this, so don’t let the info page turn you off.

Try it… You’ll like it. I know I did šŸ™‚

Check out: Squidoo Cash Machine

Author Edit: Just a note. After publishing this, I checked my Clickbank account…. Those lenses have made TWO MORE sales just TODAY!!! WooHooooooo!!!

And Add ANOTHER edit for ol’ PotPieGirl….

Not but an hour later, I sold ANOTHER product related to my Squidoo Cash Machine lenses! That is THREE sales just TODAY! Dang, I should change the title of this post to “Three Sales/ One Day/ New Lenses” hahahaha!

Boy, can’t wait to see what happens the REST of today!

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