AWeber Account Almost HiJacked!

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Protect Your Accounts – They’re Out To Get Us!

Quick post today to tell you about something that happened to me a few hours ago regarding my AWeber autoresponder account. It was very close to being a disaster, but thankfully I had the sense to check on an email I received BEFORE I did anything ABOUT the email. What did the email say? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how my account almost got hijacked and how YOU can protect YOUR account.

My AWeber Account Has Been Flagged!

Yup, that’s what the email subject said. Can you imagine my shock when I saw THIS email come through?

Nice, huh? Enough to make your heart beat 5 million beats a second!

Weird thing is – immediately I felt like something was a bit off about this email – without even opening it, I was suspicious.

See who the email is from? Not really WHO it’s from, but how the company name is typed?

It’s not right (I’ll explain that in a moment).

Here’s what the email said:

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? It certainly got MY attention…and I almost went ahead and clicked that link….almost.

That link was somehow going to direct me somewhere to change my password. Uh boy.

BUT- there is one thing I learned way back in 2004 or so when I first started using the internet (dial up, anyone? lol!)

Never, ever, NEVER, EVER click a link in an email asking you to reset your password if it has to do with ANY type of sensitive account (ie, bank accounts, autoresponder accounts, etc).

ALWAYS just log in to that account and work out whatever the issue supposedly is.

So that’s what I did.

Like I said, I was already suspicious. I caught the way AWeber was typed and I’ve seen plenty enough emails from AWeber over the years to know that the company types it AWeber – NOT Aweber (notice the “w”).

I know, silly detail, but it caught my eye.

The other thing that felt weird to me was this –

I have 3 AWeber accounts – and not a one of them sends account info email to this particular email address.

So, yeah, I was smelling a rat…lol!

I went ahead and logged in to each of my AWeber accounts – and not a single one had any message for me or any warning that I had been “flagged”.

It was beginning to become a VERY smelly rat.

So, I sent a message to the fine folks at AWeber letting them know about the email I received (with a copy of it) and asking if it was valid – and if it was valid, what I needed to do.

It took virtually no time to get this response from AWeber:

Thank You AWeber!

I seriously want to thank Faith with customer service at AWeber for being so quick to answer my questions and to let me know that the email I received was NOT a legitimate email from their company.

Also, it looks as it they are quick to get things resolved.

The domain that the fake email was sent from is offline.

Imagine that.

Moral of the Story

Be Careful!

Gmail is usually really, really good about making sure I never see these junk emails – but somehow, this one slipped through. And boy oh boy, it really got my attention too!

Before you click a link in an email from supposedly your bank or credit card company or sensitive online business accounts, think twice. Instead, just go log in to the account and get support. If there really is a problem or a reason to change your password, you will be notified inside your account.

Just a friendly heads up! It’s possible there are more emails out there in other’s inboxes as we speak – so keep an eye out and let others know too.

Now- back to work for me. I have a free guide and video to get out my lists tomorrow so I have a lot to do!

Wanna get the free training stuff too? Get on my list =)

Have a great day!


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