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Very Important Regarding Adsense 100k BluePrint Sites

I have a lot of SEObyJennifer.com clients and I am helping each of them to rank better for their target keyword. One of my clients had his site totally de-indexed by Google today – but not because of me. I gotta tell you – it is REALLY hard to get a site totally de-indexed by Google (unless you are flat out breaking their on-page rules..hidden text, things like that). Backlinks don’t do it (unless you’re JC Penneys). One thing that totally CAN get your site de-indexed is leaving a “footprint” for Google ON your site…and that is what I see happening to 100K BluePrint sites. If you have one of these sites, PLEASE read on…

Warning to Adsense 100k BluePrint Site Owners

Now, first off, I do NOT like to make a public announcement like this that sheds anything negative on a training program that I have not used and/or reviewed. For all I know, this is a GREAT training program, but this one error/lack of judgement/over-sight has me worried for those that follow me AND have these types of sites.

So, to me, I would rather help my readers save their sites (if possible) and risk upsetting a fellow marketer.

Here’s the thing…

There is a footer link on these 100k sites – and it is a HUGE footprint – and as of a few moments ago, I found over 400,000 web pages in Google that all have this exact footer link back to the 100k site on them.

Know what else is scary? All these sites look almost exactly the same!

If YOU have a footer link on YOUR site that says “modified for 100k blueprint” – Get it off NOW.

Not later, not in a few minutes… go do it NOW.

I’d also recommend changing your theme because all these sites look so identical it is scary.

What’s The Problem With That Footer Link?

From what I understand, this AdSense 100k Blueprint training is about making money with Google AdSense, right? (if I’m wrong, please correct me)

So basically, that footer link is like you holding up this big, HUGE, sign that says, “Hey, I’m following this training that shows me how to game your product, Google!”

You made is EASY for Google to find you…and nail you.

Hopefully, your AdSense account won’t be nailed too.

I know Tiffany was reviewing this training program… and she got nailed. She got a big nasty message for the Google AdSense team. From what I read, she did not lose her entire AdSense account (thank goodness), but they DID ban that 100k site of hers. And yes, she did have that footer link on her site, too.

Footprints are BAD.

If you’ve been online for a few years, you might recall this happening to BANS sites too (Build a Niche Store). Those sites all had easy-to-trace footer links…and many, many, MANY got deindexed.

To The Owners of 100k BluePrint

First off, my apology for doing this publicly. I hope you will stop putting these type of footer links on the theme you give students to use. I know that it’s an “easy” way of getting back links, but it is going to really hurt your students – and the reputation of your training.

Also, please encourage your students to use their own, UNIQUE theme so all your student’s sites don’t look the exact same.

Summing Up

If you have a 100k BluePrint site, check the footer of your theme.

If you see “modified for 100k blueprint” as a link in your footer – remove it ASAP.

Consider changing your theme so your site does NOT look like every other 100k site.

Also, consider de-activating your AdSense ads for awhile.

Note: please check your AdSense account and be sure a) it’s still good…and b) that you didn’t get a message from the AdSense team about your 100k site (or sites).

Might as well do a site: yourdomainname.com search in Google and make sure your site is still indexed. If it is still indexed, you might be able to save it. If you find your site is NOT still in the Google index, well….. do the above steps and hopefully maybe you will be allowed back in the Google index (no promises on that one. Might even think about filing a reconsideration request with Google if it is worth it to you).

Bottom line: As I said earlier, I am not one to ever do posts like this that talk negatively about a product. But I think it is totally worth it right now! I would HATE to see any of my readers lose their site(s) and/or AdSense account when I had an opportunity to say something.

If I happen to be wrong about this – I am more than happy to accept any flack I get for it.

It’s worth it to me.

Y’all come FIRST.

Questions, comments, or rants at me? Feel free to leave in the comments area. In the meantime, I’ll let you know if I can find a way to help my client’s site out of this mess.

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