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The online community has become increasingly aware that if your web site does not have at least one Squidoo lens promoting it, you are missing out. From the real estate market, to eBay sellers, Squidoo is bringing everyone additional traffic, quality back links, and more exposure in the search engines.

I sell Squidoo lenses.( View All Squidoo Lenses for Sale ) I have quietly made some nice extra money selling Squidoo lenses. I have also created lenses for clients and these lenses are doing exceptionally well. A quick check in with one client earlier today revealed that not only did they make some extra revenue from their Squidoo payout, but that ONE lens has sent nearly 1000 extra visitors to their web site. Yes, one thousand viewers of that lens clicked through to my clients web site – in 30 days time.

Not too shabby, huh?

Do ALL Squidoo lenses perform like that? No, of course not. Some not as good… some much better! In the above example, I found a hot little keyword that not only Google fell in love with, but so did Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and AltaVista. That lens was designed to improve traffic to their web site, and it enjoys close to a 50% click thru rate.

What could you do with an extra thousand or so visitors to YOUR web site? =)

I just recently made a Squidoo lens 5-pack that I currently have listed for sale. These lenses were made with the sole intention of selling them to someone who is in the weight loss niche and needed extra exposure. However, these past few days I have watched these lenses develop and mature… and now I am thinking of keeping them! haha! One of the lenses is really taking off – already in the top 10,000 lenses over all – and it is barely 2 weeks old! I’ve hit on some nice long-tail keywords that make me wonder if perhaps *I* don’t want to make a little niche site and get into the weight loss market.

Anyway, this process of creating Squidoo lenses to sell is called Lens Flipping. You also can buy lenses for cheap and fix them up to sell for a profit. Not a bad way to spend your time if you are Squidoo and SEO savvy!

I have talked with clients who are in very competitive markets, and I mean VERY competitive markets, and Squidoo is an excellent source of additional traffic for them. These lenses also allow them to focus on those less-competitive long-tail keywords and gain additional exposure in the search engines (they also enjoy selling some of their products right from their Squidoo lens without worrying about click-thrus to their site!).

Do I make custom ordered Squidoo lenses?

Now that is a VERY popular question I get thru email. While I don’t advertise it much, yes, I do create Squidoo lenses. There is only so much of me to go around so I don’t actively seek out business. However, if you need Squidoo lenses created, email me. Make sure you mention that you are a reader of my blog and the rate will be $150 per lens. If you need a large amount of lenses created, we will talk about bulk discounts (as long as you don’t need them in less than 24 hours…lol) Just click “Email Me” at the bottom of this blog and we’ll talk.

Basically, all I need from you is your niche and some keyword ideas (if you have them). If you have NO idea, I will take a look at your site and dig up some good little keywords to use. Naturally, any affiliate products you want to promote, etc will be included as per your needs. It is a simple process that will yield long-term benefits…especially when that lens develops its own Page Rank =)

Bottom line is this – Squidoo lenses rank well in the search engines when they are created correctly. If you have a web site, it is silly to not take advantage of this free resource to improve many things about your site. Don’t have time to create a Squidoo lens or to learn how? Email me – we’ll talk.

Looks like we got paid at Squidoo today! WooHooooo! At first glance it appears that this Squidoo payout is even better than the last! Now I have to dig in and analyze it. I’ll report back tomorrow!

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