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It’s my birthday! And I am selling some of my established Squidoo lenses. Some of these pages on Squidoo have Page Rank (a few of these Squidoo lenses for sale even have a PR3!). Other lenses have great traffic or some juicy keywords.

Actually, these Squidoo lenses are up for adoption. They deserve a loving home!

Note: Most of these lenses are sold!

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Why I’m Selling My Squidoo Lenses

As a birthday gift to myself, I am giving me the gift of less work this year. There are some projects that I may simply drop in order to pursue other ventures, but I refuse to give up Squidoo. Sadly, I have so many lenses that some lenses go unloved…and boy oh boy, they could do so well for someone with time and for someone who is inspired by the topic. As I said earlier, some of these Squidoo lenses I am selling have Page Rank..some as high as a PR3. Now, if you have a website or blog on any of these topics, buying a Squidoo lens could provide not only a high-quality backlink to your site, but also some fresh traffic!

List of Squidoo Lenses for Sale

Each of these lenses are available for purchase in the amount of $40 USD (Payment thru PayPal only, please).

MySpace Music Codes


This lens was created by me on a whim after I found what looked to be some good keywords. I was right… these MySpace keywords are good. Yahoo loves this lens, but folks, I am not a MySpace person… not even a little bit. This lens needs love and someone who can work it.

This lens was created on 7/3/2007. There have been 1765 visits to this lens to date and 122 the past 7 days. There have been 720 click outs on this lens..not a bad CTR (Click Thru Ratio) for a lens that is really lacking.

This lens is ranked #2934 OverAll and #130 in it’s Squidoo category.

Watch The Simpsons Online

Again, another Squidoo lens I created after finding some low-competition keywords. Google adores this lens. Even “as-is” this lens gets 100 or so visits a week. This Simpsons lens has an overall lens rank of #4146

Squidoo Pages with Page Rank for Sale

Registry Fix


This lens has an overall rank of #9916. I recently bought this lens because it already had established Page Rank (PR1). I’ve done SEO optimizing to it yesterday, but as of this writing, the changes have yet to be indexed/cached by Google.

Ultimate Bowling Guide


Another lens I bought because after a little keyword research, I see real potential for this niche. I just optimized the page to test changes.

Laying Storm


Another I bought, but I have yet to make changes to it. After brief keyword research I saw real opportunity with this lens. Thing is, I just don’t have time to love this lens.

Note: This Squidoo Lens for Sale has a PR3

Canon G5


This digital camera lens on Squidoo has a PR3. I made it on a whim..and it does ok. It just could do SOOOO much better with the right owner.

Angelina Ballerina

This Squidoo page for sale has a Page Rank 3. I created it on a whim on 12/3/2007. Considering the age of this Squidoo lens, it is a pretty impressive Page Rank.

Natural Relief


This lens for sale was targeted for natural arthritis pain relief, but can be changed into any “natural relief” topic you’d like. This Squidoo lens has a Page Rank 2.

Terms of Sale for Listed Squidoo Lenses

These lenses will be sold As Is. If you want/need additional work to these lenses, please talk to me BEFORE committing to purchase the page and we can work additional pricing based of your needs. Obviously, if I have to work on these lenses for free, I might as well keep them, huh? hahahha! As I have mentioned, these Squidoo lenses have been somewhat neglected by me and need a good home. That is why I am letting them go for only $40 each.

Where else can you buy a PR3 Web Page for only $40? I must be losing it… maybe my new age is messing up my brain.

How to Buy These Squidoo Pages

As with my weight loss Squidoo Lens 5-pack for sale, email me at potpiegirl(at)potpieworld(dot)com and I will respond ASAP. Commitments to purchase these lenses will be honored in the order/time stamp I receive them. Please do not comment on this post, I may not see it as quickly as I would get email. I will consider a “bulk discount” if you are interested in buying all of these lenses.

All in all, knowing these Squidoo lenses will be bought by someone who will optimize them and make them all they can be will be the best birthday present ever!

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