Bye Bye Yahoo Site Explorer

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It’s official – no more Yahoo Site Explorer. Which means, no more checking backlinks via Yahoo. So now what? How do you plan to continue monitoring your back links or the back links of your competition?

Yahoo Site Explorer – RIP

Now, when you go to check backlinks via Yahoo, you are met with this message screen:

Yep, it’s gone. RIP Yahoo Site Explorer… thanks for the memories and a big thanks for the hours of my life I now just might get BACK since I won’t be spending hours pouring over your data anymore.

Sure, the data was pretty useful to a point. I knew that at least Yahoo found my links and could get hints as to where others are getting their links. But none of that data from Yahoo meant that GOOGLE cared or counted any of those links.

Was Yahoo Site Explorer a time-suck? Just something that became a nasty habit for all of us?

Or – are we really all in need of a NEW back link analysis habit?

Where do YOU plan to get your back link information from now?

Sure, Google Webmaster tools offers us info about the links to our sites, but we all know that Google will never give us the big picture of what they find and count.

And they sure won’t tell us squat about our competition, right?

So now what? What are your plans?

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