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When you’re new to all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo, the internet becomes this massive confusing place full of terms you don’t understand yet, people giving conflicting advice, and tons of choices. It is SO easy to become paralyzed and full of fear with an inability to take any action at all. Been there/done that. So how do we handle it? How do we push through? Here’s an idea – be a baby!

My granddaughter turned 2 on Wednesday. She is amazing. Whatever she does, she is wide-open doing it. She doesn’t walk to where she wants to go – she RUNS.

And guess what? She falls down… a LOT.

She could care less either. When she falls, she just gets up and gets right back to running.

No fear at all.

This past weekend we were at a relatives house. I was sitting on the couch and my granddaughter was standing in front of me. At the same time she and I both noticed that one of the older kids left the door to the basement stairs open.

My granddaughter and I made eye contact. It was like one of those slow motion things you see in a movie where we both look at each other KNOWING what she is about to do….and me knowing I may not be able to catch her (she’s really that fast! Or, I’m that slow….lol).

And then sure enough, BAM, she’s off like a light running towards those stairs.

No fear of falling on the way there. No fear of the stairs either. Just wide-open to get there because she WANTS to get there.

It was a beautiful run too. Like a football player bobbing and weaving his way to the end zone, she was around people’s legs and over toys headed with pure determination towards her goal.

Thankfully I tackled her just in time! (no, I did not literally tackle the baby, ok? But I did, somehow, manage to stop her)

We had many incidents like that one over the weekend, cause I’m telling you – that baby is FAST and FEARLESS.

Exactly how we all need to be in order to be successful in this business.

You’re gonna be afraid when you first start out. Fear of the unknown, fear of doing something wrong, fear of breaking something, fear of picking the wrong niche…and for some of us, even fear of success.

But like that baby when she was learning to walk, just do it – and keep doing it. You will fall down – a LOT. Don’t spend days or weeks analyzing HOW to do it – just push up on those legs and move forward.

You will learn so much more by DOING than by reading or analyzing or anything else you could be doing.

Do A LOT and do it FAST and FEARLESS.

You’re not gonna do it wrong – it’s all part of getting your balance.

If you need something to lean on for balance while you’re learning… or want to learn to run… get involved in a community that can support you AND provide the tools you need for your business.

I chose Wealthy Affiliate for my “balance” 3 and half years ago – and I’m still there. That community has helped me every step of the way up until this moment and every step I will take from this moment on.

WA suits me, it’s comfortable for me – like my home. It’s also private and a safe environment to learn and excel in. I am surrounded by folks who are all levels of this business – from their first day to their 10th year. I help people get started…and there’s folks in there that will tackle me when *I* go running for the stairs.

It’s home. It’s family. This internet marketing business can be pretty lonely, but WA helps with that SO much so we don’t feel so alone learning all this.

I wish you would join me in Wealthy Affiliate so it can be your home too.

From now through Monday November 28th, you can become a full-blown member of Wealthy Affiliate for a whole MONTH for only $1.

There is no fear in making a $1 decision. This is an opportunity you grab and run with without any hesitation.

Join me in Wealthy Affiliate for $1 here.

I’m doing the best I can to be right there inside the front door in the live chat area all weekend long so I can be there to welcome you to the family.

Need more info and details? Read this blog post.

Have a great weekend!

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