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Since One Week Marketing has been released I have received a lot of questions about how OWM will fit in and help others learn how to earn income with free websites. Naturally, I also get a lot of questions along the lines of “How fast?” or “How Much?” and “How Soon?”. To those that are looking to make a ton of money online really fast and with virtually no work involved – One Week Marketing is not for you. However, it you are looking to make money online with no up front investment and you’re ready to treat this like a business (as opposed to a get rich quick scheme), then One Week Marketing IS for you. While OWM is not a miracle, there are many folks that say it certainly feels like one after they have finished reading it.

So, let’s see if I can answer some questions that I am receiving.

“Who Is The Perfect Candidate For One Week Marketing?”

This is a great question! It’s also easy for me to describe who I think will benefit the most from OWM because I am describing MYSELF not too very long ago.

The perfect candidate for One Week Marketing is….

Someone who has had their fist balled up and been within a split second of putting it thru their computer monitor more than once. They are past the point of thinking that this make money online thing is an easy and fast solution to all their financial problems, and have buckled down knowing that in order to make this work, they will need to work. However, they have no clue HOW to do that… and WHAT work to do.

At times, they feel like they have been pulled under the ocean by a fierce under-tow…and don’t know which way is up, can’t swim if they wanted to, and they have a very real fear of drowning before finding a little bit of oxygen to catch their breath.

Then, there is the pressure. Many, many of us have x amount of days, weeks, or months to give this a go, or its back to a real job we go! There is very little money available for investing into the online business, but a whole lot of need to get money OUT of the online business. Reality is, you either learn how to start making money online using all free websites and techniques – or you quit.

The perfect candidate for OWM has a varied resume…. probably made a few lenses (or many), has written articles a la Bum Marketing, and performed keyword research of some sort, and may have seen a little success in the form of a sale or two, but nothing consistent.

This perfect candidate works hard – probably all day and many hours into the night – and reads until their eyes burn trying to soak up any piece of information they can. But, at the end of a long work day, they can’t think of a single thing they’ve DONE to create a potential stream of income….and they feel even more confused than they did that morning when they started.

I could go on and on because I’ve BEEN there. I have a crystal clear recollection of how I felt then. And I know the difference One Week Marketing made for ME. OWM was developed by me FOR me. It is how all this started, and it is the base line for everything I continue to do.

After using my own free marketing plan for all this time, I now have tons of little campaigns that are converting and are ready to become a bigger campaign. I have lots of bigger campaigns that are ready to expand because I know they convert. I have many bigger campaigns that are now ready for…. PPC. Yes, after all this time of earning income with free websites and techniques, I am now ready to PAY for more targeted traffic to my campaigns. For one, I know they convert, and secondly, I am now MAKING MONEY so I can AFFORD to use AdWords advertising…and still pay my bills.

If you’re willing to do for a year…. (you know the rest….lol)

Bottom line is this… YOU will know when YOU are a perfect candidate for One Week Marketing.

You will read the first 18 pages for free and if you can’t wait to read more…. you are READY to read more. You are the perfect candidate for One Week Marketing =)

So, for those of you that have been emailing me and messaging me…. or are thinking about emailing me or messaging me… to ask if One Week Marketing is right for you…. Do this for me.

Go to OneWeekMarketing.com. Sign up to get the first 18 pages of the main guide completely free. Read those 18 pages. You will KNOW if you are ready to learn how to earn income with free websites from One Week Marketing or not.

No one knows what YOU need better than YOU.

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