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When learning how to start an online business, I’m sure you came across someone mentioning the phrase, “niche market”. The all-illusive, all-important target-market for your business known as your niche.

Niche. Some pronounce it “neesh” and some pronounce it “nitch”. Why? Heck if I know… I think it has to do with what side of the “pond” you live on and if you pronounce tomato as “toe-may-toe” or “toe-mah-toe”. In my personal opinion, if “niche” was supposed to be pronounced as “nitch”, then why didn’t we just spell it n-i-t-c-h?


Please, Define a Niche…

Finding a niche market in any business is crucial to its success. I read somewhere a great conceptual definition of a niche market. A niche is a market within a market, if that makes sense.

Lets take for example, Cat Food. The cat food market is pretty well dominated, right? If you were interested in penetrating that market it would feel like running into a solid, brick wall. However, in your niche research, you found a little chip in the brick wall….a little hole that you could work with. Say you found an area for cat food for adult cats, or cat food for indoor cats, and that market was NOT saturated with products, yet DOES have a market that is pretty much under-served. Bingo – you found a niche market.

Think: Vitamins. Think: Vitamins for Women. Think: Vitamins for pregnant women, vitamins for older women, vitamins for vegetarian women…etc etc. The niche finding thought process starts there. Then you do your market research and keyword research to find a viable market you can be profitable in.

Seems easy enough, right? Sadly, if you are like most of us, that brain freeze locks in. When you can think about anything in the world, why suddenly does nothing come to mind?

I’ve always wondered what brainstorming processes successful internet marketers use to find those golden niches. The internet is an endless buffet of brain food to feed a brainstorming session for a new niche market to conquer – what are their secrets?

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market

I found a fantastic free video entitled “Find Your Niche” that is put out by an extremely successful internet marketer names Jermaine Griggs.

Jermaine Griggs, is different from these other internet marketing guru types. Mr Griggs started off online with a grand total of $70 at the age of 17. He turned an idea into millions – and changed his life.

Jermaine’s niche is so unusual – so unique – and it turned into a goldmine for him. Ready for this niche he found? Learning Piano by Ear.

Can you stand it?? Who would ever think of that? and HOW did he think of that?

Jermaine shows this video of his sales from 2002-2007. You actually see him go from making $2000 to months of $112,000+… but I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he makes this much as an online piano teacher (and 80% of his products are focused around gospel music at that).

I’m really excited to be talking about Jermaine today. He has a phenomenal site launching tomorrow where for a grand total of $2.97, I can get inside his brain for a full month. No, I didn’t misplace the decimal – that is two dollars and ninety-seven cents. I told ya, he’s not like the other $297 gurus…lol!

If you watch his video on his info page and see the story he tells of his up-bringing and the circumstances he rose above, you will most likely be just as amazed as I am at his accomplishments. Jermaine pretty much takes the phrase, “I can’t” out of our vocabulary as you see how he DID.

If anything, I sincerely recommend everyone go at least watch his video story. It’s just a few minutes of your time, it is put together in such an out-standing way….and it is so genuine and inspirational that, like me, you’ll get back to busting butt this week to make YOUR millions!

Here’s your links:

Find your Niche Video Instruction

Jermaine Griggs Personal Story

Jermaine Griggs Sales Proof Video Story

Have a great day!

P.S. I sure wouldn’t be a good little internet marketer if I didn’t tell you how YOU can promote Jermaine Griggs launch tomorrow. He has an EXCELLENT affiliate program. Click here for more info.

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