To PPC or Not to PPC – That is the Question

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Website traffic – gotta have it… all there is to it. PPC, or pay-to-click, advertising always seems to be the “easy” answer. Need traffic? Pay for it!

I have refused to go that route. I don’t want to pay for traffic, yet I know my online business is getting to the place where my niche markets are more refined and defined. My keyword lists are better…I’ve found “buying” niche why not throw some PPC advertising on these campaigns? Adwords can be learned. It’s not rocket science, but it is also something you do NOT go into blindly.

Ok, so I can learn and I can pay for traffic to my already profitable niche sites and make even more money. Right? Right.

To PPC or Not To PPC ???

Perhaps you are in this same situation – trying to decide if you are ready, willing, and able to pay for traffic thru Google Adwords. If you research the topic of PPC like I have, you may have also found many generous souls willing to charge us $97 or so for all the deep, dark secrets.

Also, perhaps you are thinking what I am. If I use PPC, I am cutting into my profits. There WILL be a learning curve. I WILL need to focus a lot of attention on my new PPC campaigns or else it WILL be a very expensive learning curve!

Ok, NOT to PPC, that is my answer.

Sorry folks, I am still all about FREE WEB SITE TRAFFIC. There is nothing better than organic, targeted traffic to your web site. I also believe that consumers have gone “ad blind” and don’t even see adwords ads anymore.

Free Web Site Traffic – the Solution

So, how do you get free traffic to your niche site or blog? This is where “Make Money Online – on a Budget” comes into play. This is a fabulous resource for many, many free traffic generating strategies – that work. Some of these strategies work very quickly, too.

Whether you are new to this make money online thing, or you’ve been doing this for some time, Make Money Online – on a Budget will give you great ideas, proven concepts, AND get traffic to your site or blog.

PotPieGirls Traffic Mindmap

No Traffic = No Sales = Bad
Random Traffic = 1 or 2 sales = Better
Paid Traffic = Lots of Traffic = Expensive
FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC = Lots of Sales = Pure Profit Revenue…and lots of it!

Gee, that PotPieGirl is a genius, isn’t she? (yes, I am picking on myself. It’s part of my charm…lol)

To PPC or Not to PPC – What is your answer?

If you are also toying with the idea to try PPC (Google Adwords) and think there is no other way to get high-volume traffic, stop for just a sec and check out these free traffic generating strategies. Even if you DO end up using PPC, you will need these strategies working for you, too.

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